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Why Choose Hunter Douglas Window Treatments?

There are many reasons to be selective with your blinds. From UV protection to privacy, blinds are integral to maintaining a comfortable and safe home.

But what are the best options? After all, like with all things, not all window treatments are the same. Many homeowners will answer that question by pointing to Hunter Douglas window treatments. And for good reason.

However, you might wonder what the big idea is about choosing Hunter Douglas window treatments. Why can’t you just stop by the local home improvement store and grab a few curtains?

So keep reading to understand why you should choose Hunter Douglas window treatments. Afterward, you’ll be itching to browse through a catalog.

1. Energy Efficiency

If you are worried about the environment, then Hunter Douglas shades are the ones for you. hat’s because these windows have air pockets that lower heat transfer. So even in the hot summer heat, your home will be significantly cooler.

This is a big deal, considering that traditional windows attribute to 50% of lost energy from HVAC systems. Without additional features, windows can produce a greenhouse effect that can actually amplify heat from sunlight.

So with air pockets, much of this greenhouse effect is stunted within the air pockets. That way, whatever is transferred through your windows won’t enter your home as much.

Of course, this is also better for the environment because your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. Otherwise, your HVAC might overwork itself, consuming for energy than it needs to for optimal interior temperatures.

2. Personal Privacy and Light Control

Shades are great for filtering out onlookers from peeking in. But while you may enjoy privacy in the daytime, sometimes shades and curtains are too obstructive.

For this reason, many homeowners turn to Hunter Douglas shades for their ability to offer privacy and light control. With traditional shades, you either have to choose between privacy or natural light.

But with Hunter Douglas window treatment, you don’t have to choose between either. There are many shades to choose from, including designs that only allow light in, not the view.

There are also curtains that don’t allow any light in, which is preferable to some. These consumers can use blackout shades that absorb much of the heat and sunlight beaming in.

3. Lifetime Limited Warranty

Hunter Douglas products can only be sold at authorized retailers. This is fantastic for anyone wanting authentic products.

Not only that, but this allows Hunter Douglas to offer a lifetime limited warranty for every product. No matter where you get your window treatments, your products should always come with this warranty.

This warranty makes up for any manufacturing defect present upon delivery. The criteria to use the warranty includes original purchasing. Not only that, but the warranty also covers any typical wear and tear that happens during the first seven years of purchase.

4. Customizability

A lot of things can look pretty, but not all pretty things are exceptionally functional. Luckily, even property owners concerned with aesthetics will achieve both looks and practicality with Hunter Douglas shades.

In fact, there are quite a few luxurious fabrics to choose from. So whether you want a modern twist or a rustic look, Hunter Douglas has your back. This way, there’s an eclectic array of fabrics to suit any design.

Despite this, Hunter Douglas shades are of great value. You can customize fabrics, functionality, etc all according to your budget. So while you can rack up your customizability to a minty price tag, those with limited budgets can customize to their wallet.

5. High Quality

Speaking of looks, many items can look great at first but degrade as time goes on. But that’s not the case with Hunter Douglas shades. They understand how important looks are when setting up your home.

That is why they work with many international artisans and fabric mills. Not only does this expand the range of fabrics, but it also guarantees quality. Through hand-picked, quality-controlled choices, Hunter Douglas promises great products.

All this makes Hunter Douglas products unlike other window treatments. They set themselves apart by placing heavy emphasis on looks, craftsmanship, and functionality.

6. Smart Technology

These products are modern in many ways. But Hunter Douglas has not stopped pushing the envelope in the window treatment industry. One way they’ve done so is by making their latest models compatible with smart technology.

More specifically, users can use an app called PowerView to control their blinds. Such control options for the shades include:

  • Position
  • Timing
  • Automation

If you learn what lighting options are best for your home, you can adjust app options accordingly. Once again, this app’s controls can be automated.

So if you learn what window positions and timing is best for your home, you can create a seamless, automatic experience. This will allow you to sit back and relax, not worrying about abiding by a strict shading schedule.

Customize Your Perfect Hunter Douglas Window Treatment Today

Covering your windows may seem like a trivial aspect of home improvement. But beyond looks, which are still integral to a home’s ability to comfort, shades are important to keep your house cool and UV-free.

Knowing this, we at Florida Blinds & More offer exceptional Hunter Douglas window treatment installation. We are an authorized retailer that can offer all the benefits listed above, plus exceptional customer service. So if you live in Florida and need some exceptional shading options, get a free estimate here!



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