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Window Blinds Near Me: 11 Key Things to Look for When You Replace

Window coverings are essential for privacy, environmental control, and shade. In fact, not only can they block the prying eyes of your neighbors, but they can also help make your home more energy-efficient. For many customers, the numerous choices available can seem overwhelming. Knowing your options is the first step! When you’re ready to replace blinds in your home, look no further!

Discover more about how to choose window blinds near you below. 

1. Blinds Vs. Shades

Before you get too deep into the ordering process, you will need to figure out if you prefer blinds or shades for your window coverings. This will help narrow down your choices, which can start to feel overwhelming. 


Blinds are made up of individual slats that are linked together. These typically open vertically and the slats can be adjusted to your preference to let in or block light. 

There are vertical shades available as well, which are great for sliding glass doors. 


Shades are made out of one piece of fabric but come in a variety of materials and colors. They can be adjusted up or down on your window, but the amount of light that shines through will depend on the type of fabric. As a result, you’ll have less control over the brightness of your room. 

2. Style

Once you’ve decided between blind versus shades, you will need to determine the look and style you like. Thankfully, there are plenty of new designs out there to fit any and every taste!

Roman Shade

As the name suggests, a Roman shade is one piece of fabric. It’s unique in that as it’s raised, it pleats into attractive folds. This look elevates the look of any room. 

Venetian Blinds

When you think of blinds, the image that comes to mind is probably a Venetian shade. The slats come in various widths, sizes, and materials and can be custom ordered to fit any window. 

Pleated or Celluar Shades

Also known as honeycomb shades, these shades have a unique hollow center that helps to filter light. These are usually made of lighter materials, such as paper.

3. Color

There are almost endless options for the color of your blinds or shades. From wood to white and everything in between, you can dress a room up with whatever you decide. 

The color you decide for your blinds is a personal preference. Many homeowners decide a neutral white is the best route because it will fit with various paint colors and interior decor. Others love the look of natural, woven shades or a striking color to add contrast.

Make sure you get what you want by selecting a color true to your personal taste. 

4. Mounting

There are two ways to mount blinds, shades, and shutters: inside mount and outside mount. 

An inside mount fits within the window frame. Measuring must be precise to create a seamless fit. 

Outside mounts hang on the wall above the window and overlap the edges. This tends to block more light but also doesn’t have the clean fit of an inside mount. 

5. Purpose of the Room

The type, style, and material of your window coverings should be informed by what room in the house you’re planning on hanging them. For instance, blackout shades are a great idea for your bedroom but probably unnecessary in a kitchen. 

Room with a lot of humidity, such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, or your kitchen, would benefit from wood or faux wood blinds. Avoid using cellular shades in an area with a lot of moisture, which can cause them to sag. 

6. Type of Window

If you have a sliding glass door that needs to be covered, you’ll need a very different type of blind or shade than a small bedroom or hallway window. And while you can choose coverings that consist of the same colors or materials, the style and opening of both will vary. 

As you’re selecting window treatments, make sure you keep in mind the type of window and how easy it will open and close the blind. 

7. Opening

How your blinds and shades open will depend on the style and how much you’re willing to spend. At the higher end of the spectrum are motorized blinds and shades, which open and close at the touch of a button. 

Other options include tie-up shades, roll up, as well as cord or cordless. A cord is often a pull string that is pulled to raise or lower your window covering. A cordless covering is raised or lowered by hand without the need for a long pulley. 

8. Materials

Your home’s style and personal taste will determine the type of material you choose for your shades and blinds. The choices available are plentiful and will allow you to buy with confidence no matter what you decide.

Some of the most common materials are wood, faux wood, plastic, metal, natural fabric, synthetic fabric, or paper. 

9. Amount Of Light

The blinds or shades you choose can also be decided upon depending on the amount of light you want or don’t want in each room. Blackout shades are popular for bedrooms when you want dark sleeping conditions. 

On the other hand, you may want to allow more light into a living room or office where complete darkness isn’t necessary. 

10. Installation

Installation can be tricky, and it’s easy to make mistakes. If home projects and do-it-yourself tasks are not your forte, then it may be worth hiring a professional to get the job done correctly. This can make the process worry-free!

If you’re planning on installing your own blinds or shades, make sure you’re taking care to be precise with your measurements, as well as double-checking that everything is level. 

11. Price

You should carefully consider how much you’re willing to spend and set a budget for your window coverings. You can spend a significant amount of custom-fitted and installed blinds, especially if you choose high-end materials such as wood. 

On the other hand, you don’t want to buy the cheapest options available. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking to replace your new shades and blinds in a few short years. 

Ready to Replace Blinds in Your Home? 

If you’re ready to upgrade the look and feel of your home, look no further than your window coverings. When you choose to replace blinds in your home, you can buy with confidence when choosing our many products

If you’re still searching for “window blinds near me,” look no further! Contact us to see how we can help you with everything you need to update your blinds and shades today. 



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