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Best Window Treatment Ideas For Your Daytona Beach House

Coastal living is so exciting when it comes to home decor. The sea breeze, salty air, and color palette are inspiring. Living in Daytona Beach offers brilliant sunshine an average of 230 days per year.

Windows are so important when you have a beach house. They allow you to take in beautiful oceanic views and natural light. Yet, preserving your view and protecting furnishings from the bright sunlight in Daytona can be a design challenge for creating the perfect window treatments.

Whether you are looking to freshen up your decor or have recently purchased a home in Daytona, read our tips for finding the right style and function for your beach house window treatments.

Natural Beach House Window Treatment Ideas

Are you in love with the textures of seagrasses, driftwood, or shells? If you find that you have a lot of collections of these materials, then your window treatments may benefit from taking hints from nature.

A classic and natural interior design found in beach house window treatments is the use of shutters. Often, they are used in the lower half of windows. Yet, shutters are also stylish window treatments for French or sliding glass doors.

Shutters are very beneficial for homes in Daytona Beach because they offer options in light filtration and are beautiful elements in naturalistic interior design.

Today’s shutters come in many tones and grain styles to work with bringing in the natural look of wood. Here are some examples of types of shutters to consider.

Plantation Shutters

For Floridians who like a classic and clean look that enhances architecture, plantation shutters are very popular. Yet, the appeal of plantation shutters goes beyond their beauty. 

Because they are fitted to the frame of a window, they offer extra insulation against heat and cold drafts. Horizontal louvers used in this style of shutter come in a range of sizes to offer optimal views and light filtration.

Plantation shutters do not use cords to open. To optimize your view, open them fully like doors. When closed, adjust the amount of natural light by moving the louvers’ angle.  

Wood Shutters

Shutters made of real wood are great for mimicking driftwood from the beach or complementing the finish of wooden furnishings. There are many types of wood and stain colors to choose from. 

Real wood brings warmth and timeless elegance to a beach house style that is nature-inspired. They are versatile for a weathered or polished look. For those of us that enjoy patterns in fabrics, wooden shutters offer style without clashing with other design elements.

Coastal Colors for Beach House Window Treatments

Interior design color schemes often take their cue from the geographic setting. Mountain lodge style features rich tones of hardwoods and deep evergreens. Beach house styles also mimic the colors found in the surroundings.

Coastal color themes are a matter of preference. Many people enjoy a soft pastel palette of ocean greens, clear skies, and neutral shell tones. Others like the vibrance of tropical flowers, hot sunsets, and sea animals. 

If color is the most important element for your window treatments, explore the many color options from window shades and draperies. Here are a few design ideas for various rooms.

Beach House Dining Room Window Treatments

If you love being able to dine outside in Daytona because of the vibrant sunsets, choose a window treatment that mimics the view on evenings that are too hot or rainy for outside.

Sheer drapery in the color of ocean blue skies hung over window shades in tones of orange or yellow gives the illusion of a beautiful sunset. For added interest, arrange sheer drapes over rods in a flowing pattern. Give a full view of a window shade that allows some natural light in. 

Window Treatments for a Beach House Master Bedroom

Black-out shades are a must for Florida bedrooms. They keep rooms cool and allow you to sleep in after late-night strolls on the beach. The color options are nearly limitless.

What’s your morning style? Do you prefer to gently wake up, a bit slowly? Maybe you need an energetic vibe to get ready for the day.

Color sets a mood that can carry you through your day. Choose colors that suit your morning style. The level of opacity for your black-out shades is also important to the way you like to start your day. 

Modern Window Treatment Ideas for a Beach House

One of the many benefits of owning a beach house is that most are designed with many windows. All those windows can also be a drawback on energy bills and access to opening and closing blinds.

Not anymore! If you have many windows and quite a few are at heights that make it difficult to control light filtration, you really need to research motorized blinds and shades

With today’s advancements in motorized technology, you can operate your shades and blinds from anywhere using your smartphone apps. Incorporate timers to lower them during the hottest times of the day. Best of all, no more climbing to dangerous heights.

Get Expert Design Advice for Your Daytona Beach House Window Treatments

Looking for design assistance for creating your perfect beach house window treatments? Florida Blinds and More offers expert advice and installation of high-quality styles in Daytona Beach. We offer free installation and a lifetime warranty.

Get expert measurement services for challenging windows such as custom shapes and bay windows. Plan your beach house color scheme from samples we bring to you. Contact our team of professionals for a free in-home design consultation that suits your style and energy needs. 



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