Top 10 Reasons Homes In Sanford Need Motorized Shades

Did you know that the market for window shades and blinds is worth more than $2 billion? With so many people spending more time in their homes nowadays, it’s no wonder why motorized window shades are making a mark on the market lately.

Ready to stop googling “interior design trends 2021?”

As you may already know, your window shades should do more than just block out the sunlight. They should work for you and ensure you stand out in the Sanford housing market.

That said, learn more about the top 10 reasons why homes in Sanford need motorized shades today!

1. They Are Extremely Energy-Efficient 

Besides preserving your family’s privacy, motorized shades are extremely energy-efficient investments. Not only do they minimize solar gains on a sunny day, but they’ll also help the air conditioner in your home work more efficiently.

Plus, you can save money on your electricity bill by keeping the lights off when your shades are up. How can you possibly beat that? 

2. They Can Keep Your Home Safe 

If privacy is your number one priority, then you might be surprised to find out that motorized shades can help to keep your home safe as well. On top of protecting your house from break-ins, they can also make your home look as if someone is there at all times.

When it comes to burglars, the lived-in look is the most effective self-defense tactic yet!

3. They’re More Attractive Than Manual Shades 

Another benefit of buying motorized shades is that they are much more appealing than manual shades. That’s because they can be attached to window treatments without a cord, including:

  • Motorized rods
  • Motorized tracks
  • Motorized rollers

Without any pesky cords in the way, your window treatment will look more modern and clean than ever.

4. They Have Different Styles and Fabrics 

Believe it or not, motorized window shades come in a variety of different styles of fabrics. That means that you’ll practically never run out of opacities and textures to match the interior design of your home.

Before long, you might be able to find a motorized shade design that will fit every single room of your home!

5. They Come In Customized Sizes

The best part about adding motorized shades to your Sanford home is that they come in all sorts of sizes to fit different window shapes. From circles and trapezoids to angles and arches, you are almost guaranteed to find the right motorized window treatment for you.

As if that’s not enough, any motorized shade treatment can be made to fit the specific windows in your home too. Talk about a win-win!

6. They Move With Quiet Precision

In case you didn’t know, motorized shades move with quiet precision. Thanks to their silent engines, many manufacturers have created units that are noise-free. 

Also, motorized shades are guaranteed to move smoothly as long as their motors are well-tuned. All you have to do is use your keypad, remote, or mobile app to choose specific stopping points on your drapes or shades. You definitely can’t do that with a traditional pull cord.

7. They’re Powered by Batteries or AC

Here’s the deal. You might be shocked to find out that motorized shades can be powered by batteries or electrical power. Similar to the many fabric options on the market, there are many options for your motor power as well.

For a long time, the only option to use as electrical power. However, battery-powered units have become increasingly popular and available. Both work just as well, but having more than one option is more than helpful for most homeowners. 

FYI: the battery-powered option is perfect for those who live in homes, condos, and apartments.

8. They’re Useful for More Than Windows

Get this: motorized shades are useful for more than just windows.

The greatest part is that you can use the same hardware to hang drapes and add a projection screen. That can transform your living room into your home theater. Otherwise, you can use your motorized shades to divide a room into several sections too.

Even better, large roller shades can be used as a homemade video screen for movies as well.

9. Their Controls Are Family Safe to Use

Guess what? Motorized shades are much safer for your family to use than manual ones are.

That means that your pets, your kids, or even your own hands won’t get tangled up in pull cords that come with traditional drapery and shading systems. To prevent this, always choose a motorized window treatment.

10. They Can Inspire More Creativity

Combining drapes with blackout shades can inspire creativity for your motorized window treatment. Plus, there’s no limit on how you decide to dress your motorized hardware. That means that you’ll be able to move your dressings from time to time to change them up.

Simply grab your mobile app, wall-mounted keypad, or remote control to move window dressings together at the same time. Problem solved! 

Buy Motorized Shades for Your Sanford Home

Not sure if you are ready to buy motorized shades for your Sanford home yet?

If that’s the case, then your search is officially over.

From energy-efficiency to keeping your home safe, there are tons of reasons why you need motorized shades for your Sanford house now. Not only that, but they come in different shades too, which means that you’ll have fun creating the window treatment of your dreams with ease.

Looking for blinds and shutters you can trust?

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