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The Pros and Cons of Honeycomb Shades for Your Sanford, FL Townhome

Do you own a townhouse in beautiful, sunny Sanford, Florida? Looking for a window treatment solution to shield you from the strong glare and UV rays? Honeycomb blinds may provide the perfect solution for your windows. In this post, you’ll discover honeycomb blinds pros and cons so you can make the best window treatment choice for your Sanford, Fl home.

The Pros of Honeycomb Shades

Here are the pros of honeycomb shades. They are also known as cellular shades and honeycomb blinds, too.

They Provide Great Insulation

Honeycomb blinds keep out the strong sun and block the heat. They also block the cold from entering your home during those few cold days in Sanford, Fl. This is due to their fabric cells that trap the air. This helps them offer excellent insulation.

On the hottest days, especially during the summertime heat, they conserve your AC, keeping the cool air indoors. In winter, if it’s cold, they keep your heat inside your home and prevent it from leaving the building.

This makes honeycomb blinds are a great choice for boosting energy efficiency. And improving insulation.

They Offer Excellent Privacy

Are you looking for a solution to offer you privacy from neighbors peeping in your home? Then honeycomb blinds offer the optimal solution. They don’t just provide premium insulation.

Compared to other blinds, honeycomb blocks out more light due to the way they’re constructed. They contain a variety of layers which makes it harder for the light to peer through. And your neighbors who may try to look in when they walk by.

For even more privacy, you can purchase items with double cell protection. Or get the kind made from blackout fabrics or room darkening materials.

They Help Keep Sound to a Minimum

Honeycomb blinds and shades provide a smart way for better noise cancellation. This is due to their cellular construction.

While honeycomb won’t block out all noise–no window treatment can achieve this–they will block out some of it.

This helps you enjoy a quieter environment at home whether you’re reading a book, watching your favorite Netflix shows, or enjoying a more relaxing and tranquil dinner with your family, or that special someone. 

Honeycomb Shades Are Made With Different Light Filtration Options 

Honeycomb shades come in a variety of grades to suit your preferential light filtration needs. While some homeowners prefer a little light coming in, others want to keep it all out.

Blackout cellular shades and room darkening blinds and shades make the perfect option for these folks. It will keep all undesired sunlight at bay. That’s what makes these types of shades a preference among many homeowners.

On the other hand, if you like a little bit of light but don’t want the sun to overpower you, select a translucent shade or a light filtering option. This way your shades will still provide privacy while still allowing a little daylight in.

They Come In a Wide Variety of Colors and Pleats

With honeycomb shades or blinds, you’re not limited to white, alabaster, or wood. They come in a variety of attractive colors as well as pleat sizes.

Pleat sizes for honeycomb shades include small pleat pleats, medium pleat sizes, and large pleats. For a romantic look, pair your cellular shades with exotic curtain fabrics and draperies. 

You may love honeycomb shades. They’ll pay less for them then high-end shades. They may be just what you need. Or not. Read on for their cons.

Cons of Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb cellular shades certainly have their benefits. But they have a few disadvantages, too.

They’re Not Easy to Clean

Cleaning cellular shades can be a challenge. They can get dusty over time if you don’t clean them regularly.

This is due to the honeycomb shape and structure. it makes it difficult to clean each cell in the blind or shade made of several cells. So if you’re looking for a window solution you can just toss in the washing machine, this won’t be it.

They’re Not the Cheapest Window Solution 

Honeycomb shades aren’t one of the cheapest priced shades. But they’re made of better quality which may make it worth paying a little more.

When it comes to price, they fall somewhere in the middle. You won’t pay the highest for them. But you also won’t pay the least. To provide an idea, they’ll cost more than Venetian blinds, but less than Roman shades.

May Not Be for Fashionistas

When looking at honeycomb blinds pros and cons, it’s important to note they may not be for fashionistas. The fabric doesn’t display a rich look or offer a dramatic presentation like a Roman shade or decorated, ornate drapery.

The style is simple and doesn’t stand out, but it is highly functional. If you’re looking to draw attention to your windows, honeycomb blinds may not be what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for good insulation and a simple style, they’re the way to go.

However, if you like something with a little more pizzaz, try pairing them with another window treatment. You’ll get the best of both worlds.

You Can’t Adjust the Light Control

If you’ve owned Venetian blinds, you know you can adjust how much light comes into your home with the attached rod. In contrast, cellular shades do come in light filtering options, but they can’t be adjusted once they’re on your window.

You’d have to purchase the amount of light filtering you prefer. This means if you purchase single cell blinds but want to be in a pitch-black room, you won’t be able to.

You’d need a blackout shade. In the same way, if you bought a blackout fabric, you can’t let in light like you would with a blind while the shade is down.

Know the Facts Before You Buy Honeycomb Shades for Your Sanford, Fl Townhouse

Now you know the pros and cons of honeycomb blinds and shades. We hope this article helps you to make a more informed choice about the best window treatments for your Sanford, Fl townhouse.

Looking for window treatments for your Sanford home? Check out our entire product line of shades, blinds and more.



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