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Discover Daytona Beach Latest 2021 Trend: Plantation Shutters

When you think of Southern-style, what comes to mind? Botanical prints, damask patterned wallpaper, and monogrammed linens are a hallmark of Southern décor. Don’t forget inviting porch swings hung on wide verandas, wicker, and silver heirlooms used in decorative displays.

Another popular Southern-style design element is plantation shutters, like those found at Hemingway House in Key West.

Whether or not you appreciate Hemingway’s writing or home design style, it’s not hard to fall in love with the genteel touches incorporated into his Key West residence. In Daytona Beach, a well-appointed home should include plantation shutters.

Take a minute to explore the window coverings that will prove to be one of the most popular trends in window coverings for 2021!

Plantation Shutters and Daytona Beach Homes

As an alternative to blinds, plantation shutters bring sophistication to any home. Most of us have had blinds at one time or another. They make an attractive solution for window coverings.

Blinds let in a good amount of natural light and offer privacy at night. Shutters do the same, but they do it with a little more subtlety.

The beauty of plantation shutters is how they fit in with just about any design style. You don’t have to live in a Spanish Colonial like the Ernest Hemingway House. Whether your Daytona Beach home is a Craftsman, mid-century modern, contemporary coastal, or classic beach cottage, you’ll love the updated look of plantation shutters.

Not the Window Shades of Your Childhood

If you or your parents grew up in the 1970s, chances are you’ve lived in a home with interior shutters. They were popular in kitchen windows, but people loved them in other living spaces as well.

Of course, shutters didn’t pop into the interior design scene during the 1970s—they have a long history going back to Ancient Greece. The plantation shutters in homes 30-40 years ago came with small adjustable blades protected with a coat of varnish or oil. They looked like a series of little panels.

Looking forward to the interior design trends of 2021, homeowners who want to make a statement will update their homes with these elegant shutters.

Window Shades With a Classic Look

The reason plantation shutters work well in so many different style homes is that they’re subtle. They make an effective way to cover windows without taking away from the overall style of the room.

Because interior designers tend to suggest white shutters, they make an ideal fit for most modern window frames. They blend in well, and yet, they’ll still make a statement.

Understated is the keyword here, and it’s why they’re popular. That said, if you want a subtle splash of color, why not choose shutters in a soft crème or cool gray?

Plantation Shutters Let the Light In

You enjoy living in Daytona Beach because you love the abundance of natural light. Who doesn’t like to throw the curtains open and let the light in? Loving light doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice privacy!

When you install plantation shutters in a room where you’d like to protect your privacy, consider covering only the lower half of the window. It’s easy when you select the right panel style.

Plantation shutters come in a variety of panel styles, including:

  • Full Shutters
  • Double-Hung Shutters
  • Café-Style Shutters

If you only want to cover the lower half of your windows, choose café style panels. The most versatile panel style is the double-hung. You can open the top, bottom, or both when you want more light.

Are Shutters Energy-Efficient?

The initial draw of plantation shutters for most people is their subtle beauty. If you also want an energy-efficient window shade, they rise to the occasion, or in this case, lower to provide insulation from the heat and UV resistance.

You’ll want to talk with a qualified window covering specialists to ensure you order shutters constructed from the materials best suited for your goals.

For some homeowners, as long as the shutters look great, they’re content. Why not take beauty to the next level and positively impact climate control and energy efficiency?

Controlling the amount of natural light coming into your home means keeping as much warm air outside as possible while preventing cool air from escaping.  Did you know heat gain and loss through your windows account for 25%-30% of your energy bill?

A window covering that gives you ample natural light and a practical solution to cut energy costs? You can’t ask for a better option than plantation shutters!

Controlling Light With Louvers

The horizontal slats or louvers control the amount of light you allow in your home. They also impact the view from your windows. It’s about the right size!

You can order your plantation shutters with larger louvers, say 4 ½ inches, and guarantee ample light and clear views. For rooms with smaller windows, or areas where you’re not concerned about maximizing natural light, go with smaller louver size.

Tip: Be careful about selecting a large louver size for a small window. You may end up with a shutter that looks out of proportion with your window size.

The French Door Cover Up

Do you love your French doors? Many homeowners in Daytona Beach install them because they deliver that natural Florida sunlight. They also open up a room and make it feel roomier.

On the flip-side, French doors, with their large glass panels, also let heat in and cool air out. Our Northern neighbors might see that as a benefit (during their long, cold winters), but here in Florida, it’s more of a burden.

Ready to Update Your Daytona Beach Home?

Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home, or you’re hoping to enjoy a little more energy efficiency, plantation shutters offer both. Beauty and function! You can’t go wrong with the right window coverings.

Why wait until 2021? Let us help you bring your Daytona Beach home into the new year with an updated look and lower energy bills. Contact our talented team today, and let’s get started on your window covering project!



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