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7 Factors to Consider When Buying Flagler Beach Window Shades

Red coquina sand, sparkling waters, great fishing, and lots more. These are all iconic elements of the city of Flagler Beach in Florida. Despite the location’s fairly small population of just over 5,000, it’s no surprise that it continues to grow steadily.

More and more people are choosing beachfront homes in this idyllic city. If you’re one of them, you should consider Flagler Beach window shades for your new home. 

Window shades will allow you to regulate the amount of light and UV rays generated by the Florida sun. This can lengthen the life of your furniture, carpet, floors, and paint job. 

Ready to shop? Read on to learn the factors you should consider when buying window shades for your home.

The Importance of Window Shades

Window shades not only add an aesthetically pleasing element to your home, but they’re also extremely functional. Their benefits include:

  • A variety of style options
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Light control
  • Easy maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Privacy

Window shades can enhance the look of your home by giving it a more finished look. They, therefore, help to increase your home’s value.

7 Things to Consider When Buying Flagler Beach Window Shades

There’s a reason Florida is known as the Sunshine State. Its amazing weather throughout the year makes it a haven for tourists. But the sun can wreak havoc on homes if not controlled. 

Thankfully there are many options for window shades that can protect your home. But before you start calling window shade providers, here are a few things to consider:

1. Your Home’s Style

There are many window shade styles. Before you choose one, you should ensure it matches your home’s decor and architectural style. It shouldn’t take away from the ambiance of your home.

The number of window shade options available facilitates greater customization. You’ll have a choice of various colors. Use subtle colors for rooms with natural tones, or you can experiment with bolder colors for a more vibrant effect.

2. The Size of Your Windows

It’s advisable to have a professional window shade provider measure your windows for accuracy. This will ensure your blinds are the correct size. Your provider will also advise you on the best window shade style based on the size of your windows.

Window shade options for larger windows include:

  • Roller shades
  • Horizontal sheer shades
  • Cellular shades
  • Roman shades
  • Honeycomb shades

Roller, cellular, and roman shades also work well for smaller windows. You can also consider solar shades as well.

3. Cost

The installation cost of Flagler Beach window shades can range from $132 to $191. When comparing window shade prices, consider that they will vary depending on the number and size of windows in your home.

Your budget will also determine the upgrade options you can add. This will allow you to include extra insulation or motorized shades. Ultimately you should choose a style that suits your home and budget as well.

4. Safety

This should be your top priority especially if you have children or pets. If this is the case, consider cordless shades which are the safest. Unfortunately, this may not be a viable option if you have larger windows.

However, continuous cord loop or ultra guide shades can be just as safe. Ensure you mount continuous cord loop shades to the trim or wall. If your shades do have cords, wherever possible, keep them out of the reach of children or pets.

Motorized shades can also be an affordable option.

5. Privacy

If privacy is a must for you, consider cellular shades. Before you dismiss privacy as an issue, think about the location of the shades. Are you installing window shades in a bathroom or bedroom overlooking a busy street?

Privacy would also be important if your windows are on the ground floor and you don’t have a privacy fence or trees.

6. Level of Maintenance

If you have a busy lifestyle, you won’t want the added hassle of shades that require a lot of maintenance. Window shades can be an ideal choice as they are easy to clean. There are also anti-static options that are a deterrent for dust and dirt.

This eliminates a lot of the time you would spend cleaning other types of window treatments.

7. Energy Efficiency

There are several types of window shades with high energy efficiency. Pockets of fabric in honeycomb shades trap air so that it helps keep the summer heat from overwhelming your home’s interior.

Cellular shades are also quite energy-efficient. You can limit the amount of sunlight that comes into your home using the top-down, bottom-up style of this type of shade.

Other Considerations

Some other factors you should take into consideration include mounting options and having access to open and close your windows. Your shades should also enhance your home. They should never distract or obstruct your view of the world outside, especially if you have a beachfront property.

Enjoying the Florida Sunshine While Protecting Your Home

If you call Flagler Beach your home, you live where others vacation. The sun, sea, and sand can be a haven for fun, relaxation, and enjoyment. However, living in a city that is sunny all year round comes with its challenges.

It requires you to protect your home from the heat and UV rays. Too much heat can create great discomfort while UV rays can fade your furniture, walls, and floors.

Flagler Beach window shades can protect you from both. There are many window shade providers to choose from for installation, so ensure you choose the best.

Florida Blinds and More can provide a wide variety of window shade options that suit your home. We also have years of experience installing various types of window treatments. Relax and enjoy the sun while protecting your home. Call us for a FREE estimate today!



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