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The Homeowner’s Guide to Roller Shades in Clarcona

The market for window coverings is worth over $27.6 billion. It continues to grow as more options become available. One of the best types of window coverings is roller shades. They’re affordable and easy to install, and their temperature-regulating and light-blocking properties will keep your Clarcona home comfortable year-round.  

Read our guide to roller shades in Clarcona to find out what benefits they provide and where to get them. 

What Are Roller Shades?

Roller or roll-up shades get their name from the way they open and close. The entire shade “rolls” up and down when triggered.

It’s not just this special mechanism that distinguishes roller shades from other options. Unlike most window treatments, they don’t completely cover your window. They disappear when opened, which helps maintain the shape and design of your window and lets more light into your home.

Roller shades are thinner than most blinds but still provide protection from the sun and heat. They provide a range of benefits for a low price, making them a great choice for most Clarcona homes.

What Are the Benefits?

The type of window treatment you need depends on your situation, preferences, and several other factors. You need to research the pros and cons of each to make an informed choice.

Roller shades are energy-efficient, regulate the temperature in your home, filter and block light, increase your privacy, keep out noise, and protect against damaging UV rays. They’re also easier to install and more affordable than other window treatments.

Energy Efficiency and Temperature Regulation

The hottest time of the year in Clarcona is from May 12-September 29 when the average daily high is above 86° F. The cool season lasts from December 5-February 24 when the average daily high is below 74° F.

Energy bills double during the hot and cold seasons as your AC gets pushed to the limit. Roller shades can both conserve and block heat, maintaining a pleasant temperature inside.

All Clarcona homes can benefit from the energy savings that roller shades provide, but they’re especially important for older homes that have inefficient heating and cooling units.

Filtering and Blocking Light

Roller shades have powerful light-blocking properties, and the impact this has on your sleep can’t be understated.

1/3 of those interviewed for a 2007 survey said that light outside their bedroom windows affected their sleep. A study by the Institute of Cancer Research looked at 113,000 women and found that a bedroom that’s light enough to see across could even increase obesity. 

Increased Privacy and Noise Reduction

Customizing the thickness of the weave for your roller shades lets you decide how much of a view outsiders have. If you want more privacy in a specific room, increase the thickness.

Blackout roller shades control light, view, and noise. This helps you create the exact environment you want in your home.

UV Protection

Roller shades protect you from harmful UV rays. They’re especially important for those with sensitive skin or existing sun damage.

Your furniture is also vulnerable to fading from UV exposure, but roller shades are an effective form of protection.

Easy Installation, Maintenance, and Use

Installing roller shades is quick and easy. A professional technician can place them throughout your entire home in a single day.

Both fabric and vinyl roller shades come in one solid piece. Cleaning them is as easy as wiping them with a cloth or duster. They don’t gather as much dust as vinyl shades, and you won’t have to clean each strip.

Roller shades are also easy to use. All you have to do is use a pull chain or switch to roll them up and down. You can also choose automatic shades that can be operated with the push of a button.


Window treatments come at a high cost of $500 each. You’ll need to multiply that by the number of windows in your home if you want them all outfitted at once, which often leads to an unreasonably high bill. 

The simplistic style of roller shades makes them more affordable. Placing them throughout your home won’t be as expensive as using other types of blinds or shutters. The money they’ll save you in energy costs makes them an even smarter choice economically.

What Are My Roller Shade Options?

Using the same window coverings in every room can throw off the decor, temperature, and natural light of your entire home. You need a variety of window treatments that fit each room.

They come in a wide range of styles. You can choose neutral colors, opt for a brighter option, or install see-through solar shades.

Consider the decor, purpose, and temperature of each room to decide which type of material to use. Blackout shades block light in bedrooms to help you sleep. A fine mesh pattern that lets in a bit of light works well in other rooms. Dark vinyl shades keep heat out in warm rooms, while fabric shades absorb the most heat in cold rooms.

You also have a range of options for deciding how your roller shades are operated. You can choose a traditional cord or a more convenient switch or remote.

Motorized roller shades are more than a convenience; they can also prevent safety hazards. They’re best for homes with pets, children, or senior citizens who may get themselves wrapped up in blinds with traditional cords. 

Roller shades can also be paired with the existing drapes in your Clarcona home. As long as they’re properly aligned with your windowpane, they’ll give you extra control over the view and level of natural sunlight in the room.

Where Can I Get Roller Shades in Clarcona?

Roller shades are one of the most convenient, affordable options for window treatments. They let you easily control the environment in your Clarcona home to keep it comfortable all year round.

Installing roller shades is a simple process but requires the help of a qualified professional. 

Florida Blinds and More has the experience, reputation, and options you’d expect from a quality window treatment provider. Get a free quote today. 



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