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5 Benefits of Motorized Window Shades to Your Orlando, FL Home

Are you looking for ways to streamline the energy efficiency of your home? Do you want to make home upgrades that make your home smarter and help you avoid tedious tasks? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about motorized window shades for your Orlando FL home.

Doing so can help you make the most of the situation. It can increase the convenience of your home, help you maximize the natural lighting, and enhance the privacy of your home.

See below for an in-depth guide that lists all of the top benefits you’ll receive when you invest in motorized window shades for your home.

1. Boosts Energy Efficiency

Perhaps you’re tired of watching your energy bills climb month after month. Maybe you’re unwilling to give up letting natural light in your house.

Whatever the case might be, motorized window shades can help make your home much more energy-efficient.

Natural light offers many health benefits, but it doesn’t come without its complications. If left unimpeded, that natural light can cause the temperature inside your home to skyrocket due to the ultraviolet rays.

That will force your air conditioning unit on your Orlando FL home to work overtime. The harder it has to work, the more energy it will use and thus the higher energy bill you can expect.

For that reason, the name of the game becomes keeping the blinds open when you’re in the room, and keeping them closed when you aren’t.

Motorized window shades are the perfect solution for this problem. They’ll help you moderate how much natural lighting makes its way inside your home. You can also control the shades through an app on your phone, which means you can close them or open them at any time. 

This allows you to enjoy natural lighting as much as possible without paying the price… literally!

2. More Privacy

Have you always been uncomfortable by the fact that your neighbors can see inside your windows? Does the window in your master bedroom line up with a window on your neighbor’s house, allowing them to see inside? 

If so, then motorized window shades can help you there as well! Like we said before, you can open or close them at any time, which ensures that people can’t see inside your house unless you want them to.

Many of our customers are especially grateful for motorized shades in their children’s rooms. They know, with complete certainty, that no one can watch them while they’re playing in their room or heading to bed at night.

When you head out for a date night with your spouse and leave the teens at home, you can close the blinds to protect them. If you have a dog that barks at everything that moves outside when you’re away, you can close the blinds to keep them comfortable and out of harm’s way.

Once you get motorized shades in your house, you have complete control of the privacy in your house. Even if you forget to close them before you head out for the day, you can do so from your phone.

3. Beautiful Aesthetic

Say no more, right? If there is a way to make your home more energy-efficient and boost the look of the interior, then you’re all for it.

Motorized window shades are the cherry on top of Orlando FL interior design. The motorized shades are custom-made to your liking, allowing you to choose the size and color.

Many of our Orlando clients love the white blind look, but we’ll let you be the one to decide. We can bring samples directly to your house so you can see them for yourself and ensure a perfect fit for your needs/wants.

Imagine your living room and bedroom letting in the perfect amount of Florida sun inside of your home; all while matching the trim and/or accent colors that you have inside your house!

4. Free Installation

We should preface this by saying one thing: not all motorized window shade companies offer free installation. Make sure you hire the right service!

Here at Florida Blinds, we believe that offering free installation ensures customer satisfaction and a seamless setup inside your house. That way, you have experts coming to install it for you!

Motorized window shades have very little maintenance, but we suggest that you take us up on our affordable maintenance options to keep those motorized shades in the best shape possible. That way, you can enjoy the benefits in your Orlando FL house for years to come.

5. No More Hassle

Gone are the days where you have to untangle the cords for your blinds. You no longer have to worry about switching out your current shades for new ones. It’s all taken care of!

Motorized shades are operated entirely remote, so there won’t be any cords to wrestle down before you try to open, close, raise, or lower your blinds.

With Florida Blinds, our motorized window shades come with a lifetime warranty on them, so we’ll be happy to repair or replace them if you experience any major setbacks along the way.

Invest in Motorized Window Shades for Your Orlando FL Home Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth list of benefits you get when you invest in motorized window shades in Orlando, be sure to use this information wisely.

Take the time to read this article for more information on choosing the best-motorized shades for your home. Be sure to call us at 386-317-1485 to receive a free estimate on your motorized shades today.



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