Buying Plantation Shutters in Seminole County? Here’s What You Should Know

On top of everything else 2020 has brought, Central Florida had a scorcher of a summer this year with records falling left and right.

Retreating to the shade of your home with a glass of iced tea is probably the best idea when the temperatures start to climb. But if you don’t have great window coverings, you might struggle to keep the climate comfortable there as well.

You have a lot of options, but one of your best options would be shutters for a number of reasons, including temperature control.

Plantation shutters are a timeless look that works well with the various types of architectural styles you find around Seminole County. Let’s look at the benefits beyond aesthetics, though.

Block the Heat

Heat is a fact of life in Florida most of the year. When the temperatures are climbing outside, that can also influence your inside temperatures.

Heat loss and gain through your windows account for 25-30 percent of your electric bill. Controlling that exchange is one place window shutters shine.

Shutters make great insulators in general because they enclose your entire window frame for more of a sealed effect than you can get with blinds or shades. Your house stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer because there is less of a temperature change happening there.

Sure, you could get a similar effect with heavy blackout curtains, but no one wants to sit in the dark and miss out on the Florida sunshine! Plantation shutter options give you light while cutting your energy use at the same time.

Fantastic Flexibility

Shutters are a rigid structure, so describing them as flexible seems counterintuitive. But when your house has special needs, their adaptability knows no bounds.

Any Shape

Custom-shaped windows add greatly to the look of your home. But there is no way you can get a blind into an arched window.

Don’t despair. Plantation shutters can be customized to fit almost any size and shape, including picture windows, circles, sliding doors, and French doors. You can still benefit from their great insulating and design features no matter what your window configuration.

Any Location

Vaulted ceilings make your space feel bigger and a trend that’s here to stay. That often means that you end up with tall or high windows that you can’t reach to clean, much less to open a blind.

Did you know your custom shutters can be motorized? They can be programmed to open at a certain time of day and tilt closed during the heat of the day. Your remote allows you to control all the shutters at once or open and close each individually.

Style Solutions

Whether you have a classic beach cottage or a contemporary coastal home, plantation shutters work with your style. Changing out the size of the louvers alone move them from traditional to modern.

While white is standard, shutters come in dozens of colors to match your trim or go with a custom color to coordinate with your walls. As with any wood in your home, you can have them painted anytime you change your decor.

Dividing Rail

Add a divider rail to your shutters for additional control and stability. A mid-rail allows you to open the top or bottom portion of a shutter alone.

This provides you more flexibility in controlling the light and privacy of a room. If you have tall windows, the rail can break up the pattern of the louvers as well.

Add Value to the Home

You might have read that shutters add value to your home and wondered if it is true. Shutters do increase the value of your home in a few ways. The primary one being that you get more enjoyment out of living there.

Because shutters are permanent features, they stay with the home when it is sold. This automatically adds to the house value just as a pool or carport would. They are considered an architectural detail in part because they are custom to your home and windows.

But best of all, their aesthetic appeal makes a great first impression when buyers come to look. The look, durability, and low-maintenance factor can help you sell your home faster when the time comes. Less time on the market is a benefit any homeowner would like to enjoy.

Installation Matters

While shutters are adaptable in how you can use them, the actual shutter itself doesn’t have a lot of give. They are one of the more difficult window treatments to install due to this lack of flexibility.

Getting it right starts with good measurements of your window and frame. No matter how standard the window, the opening for the shutter can be an off-size. Unique window shapes require more care to measure to ensure a good fit.

Shutters are heavy and require precise work to get them lined up perfectly. Improper installation leads to sagging over time. Professional installers have the experience to keep your shutters square and true to avoid pinched hinges and other stressors on the shutter panel.

This is definitely an area where working with a local supplier or specialty store provides a benefit. Shutters are an investment in your home’s look and comfort, so you want it done correctly. Ask if your installation is included in the price when you purchase your custom shutters.

Ready to Add Style with Shutters?

Window shutters are an investment with benefits from increased energy efficiency to improved curb appeal. Knowing about your options and available upgrades is important when you make your choices. Custom plantation shutters serve as a fantastic addition to any home in Seminole County.

If you’re sold on plantation shutters for your home, start your shopping at the best shutter supplier in Central Florida. Our shutters come with a lifetime warranty and free installation. Our experts can answer your questions and even get you a free quote for your project. Contact us today to get started with your new style.



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