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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Window Treatment for Your Flagler Home

A window treatment is far more than just a way to keep light and sound out of your home. A well-selected window treatment will influence the look and feel of a room. 

The interior design community will tell you that a room is not complete without window treatments. Whether you choose blinds, shutters, or flowing curtains, the way you dress a window is a chance to show off your personal style and influence the look of your home. 

While treatments are often somewhat neglected when decorating or designing a home, their importance should not be underestimated. The right window dressings can transform a simple room into a warm and welcoming space. 

With window treatments able to make or break your space, keep reading to find out the top 5 things you need to consider when selecting window treatments for your Flagler home.


Where you live can often be an overlooked aspect of selecting a window treatment for your home. Here in Florida, the climate should inform the type of window treatment you select.

Also, consider the direction of the windows around your home. In your Flagler home, windows that receive full midday sun are best suited to a window treatment that can block out considerable light. This can help with temperature control, enhancing the energy efficiency of your home. 

Style of Window Treatment

Consider what style of window treatment you want in your home, and what the style of your home is. Are you drawn to more traditional styles like roman blinds or draperies? Do you prefer modern styles of window coverings like panels, rollers, or shutters? 

Just like everything else in home design, window treatment styles change with time. Consider if you want what is currently on-trend, or if you prefer a more timeless look. 

Window treatments can change the appearance of your room by framing an outdoor view or making ceilings look higher by careful placement of valances. 

When considering styles of window treatments, you should also decide on how many styles you want. You could select one style for your entire home, or select several complementary styles and vary it based on the room.

Once you have decided on the styles you want in your home, you’re ready to consider other factors, like functionality, like and color.  


When trying to narrow down your options, it’s important to consider functionality just as much as style. The window treatment you select will impact the amount of light and privacy the room will have, as well as the temperature of the room.

How large is your window, will it fit a vertical window treatment, or do you need something else? Decide if you want to slide open rolling shutters each day, or draw curtains.

Consider how you will access your window treatments, from inside the home, or outside. You might also like to consider if you’d like to motorize your blinds, or keep them manual.

Functionality can be difficult to plan for without pre-existing knowledge of window treatments, reach out to a member of our team, and we’d be happy to help you! 


We’re lucky here in Florida to have year-round natural light to let into our homes during the day. Natural light can open up your home, making it appear larger and airier. Yet along with its health benefits, natural light can have negative impacts, such as fading artwork and furniture and making your home susceptible to temperature fluctuations. 

Window treatments can stabilize the temperature in your home, preventing your cooling system from needing to work overtime. Along with considering the location and direction of your home, you should carefully consider how much light you do or don’t let in.

Different treatments will come in different opacities, allowing for a range of light options from soft filtered light, to complete blackout.

Sheer and semi-sheer fabrics allow the most light into the room, while they will reduce glare they will not provide much privacy.

Opaque fabrics will allow some light into a room, enough to illuminate the space, but will block your view and stop others from seeing into your home. Shadows or outlines of objects may be visible through some opaque fabrics.

Blackout fabrics, as implied by the name, provide the highest level of light blocking, and restrict almost all light from coming in. They also offer total privacy for your home. 

You should also consider which rooms you want more privacy in, and which you want to feel more open. It is common to want more light in common areas of the home, such as living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. Conversely, you might want to have more privacy in your bedrooms and bathrooms. 


The color of your window treatment is an important cosmetic decision to make for your home. Do you want an unassuming neutral color or a bold statement color that will be a feature of the room? Work with our team to review all the available options and get personalized guidance based on the style and colors in your home. 

Aim for colors that complement the existing tones and colors in your home. A home full of warm-toned colors will look strange with a cool-toned window treatment. Whilst you do not need to match the colors in your home if you want a bold look, you do need to stick to the same tone.

Ready to Pick Your Window Treatment?

Now that you’ve read about the things you need to consider when selecting a window treatment for your home, the next step is to get started with us! We’ve got the perfect window treatment for your home. 

Reach out to a member of our team to start your window treatment journey today! 



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