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A Complete Guide to Roman Window Shades in Longwood, FL

With over 15 different types of window shades to choose from, it can be hard to determine what type you need for your home. Whether you’re remodeling different areas in your home or designing a custom home, the window blinds and shades you choose are important.

They’ll provide you with privacy in addition to protecting your home from hot and cold weather. 

If you’re looking for a streamlined look, Roman window shades are a great option. They’re a modern shade that comes in a variety of colors, styles, patterns, and materials. 

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Roman shades. Learn more about these classic and timeless window coverings right here.

What Are Roman Window Shades?

Roman shades feature crisp folds or soft drapes when the window shade gets lifted. The window shades operate like cellular or pleated shades and use a pull cord to lower or raise the fabric. 

Roman shades can be traced all the way back to the days of the ancient Romans. The first version of what we call Roman shades today was first seen during the building of the Colosseum around 70 to 80 A.D. Roman citizens would drape wet fabric over their windows to prevent debris and dirt from the Colosseum’s construction from getting in. 

There were also some commercial uses of this form of window shades. Romans and Greeks would install shading on top of their colonnades and porticos in different public spaces. The shades help shield and protect spectators from the hot sun. 

The design of these ancient fabric window shades isn’t exactly like what Roman shades are today. However, the pulley and rope arrangement is reminiscent of how modern Roman shades flow and move. 

What Are the Different Types of Roman Shades?

In the world of the Roman shades, there are multiple variations of how the fabric folds or drapes. When you order them, be sure to select the type of shade you want. 

Standard Flat Fold

The standard flat fold offers a contemporary and simple look. When the shade is completely lowered, it will appear flat. When the shade is fully raised, the fabric will get drawn upward into a series of folds like look like cellular shades. 

A standard flat fold Roman shade pairs well with a floor-length drape. You can get a good amount of privacy and light filtering options without having to close your drapes. 

Soft Fold

A soft fold is sometimes referred to as a “hobbled fold.” This shade will create a rounder, softer fold. It still maintains a straight edge on the bottom of the window treatment. 

Soft fold shades have the most billowing look out of the four different types of Roman shades when they’re raised. You can still see the curved fold shape when the shade is lowered. 

Plain Fold

The plain fold style delivers body and texture to this type of window treatment. You can see the fold, even when the Roman shade is lowered. 

When this shade is raised, the fold is more pronounced. The fold is also wider and heavier than a standard flat fold. The plain fold is the quintessential fold that’s ubiquitous with Roman shades. 

European Fold

Another term for a European fold is a “relaxed fold.” The other types of Roman shades are more tailored-looking. 

With a European fold, there isn’t a rod in the shade’s bottom. That rod typically creates a straight and stiff line on the bottom of the shade. Without that rod, the shade’s fabric drapes into a soft, natural curve. 

What Type of Material Should I Choose?

When choosing your fabric for your Roman shades, think about how much light you’ll need to blackout. If you need to block a lot of light, you’ll want to go with a darker or thicker fabric. You can also have a lining put into your shade, which helps with light filtration. 

There are some types of fabrics that are delicate. You’ll want to consider how much you’ll “use” your shades. This refers to how often you’ll be lowering and raising the window shades. The more delicate the fabric, the quicker it’ll get worn down by constant use. 

The Benefits of Roman Window Shades

As we mentioned, there are countless window shade options available. Why should you choose Roman shades over the rest?

Let’s talk about the various benefits this window shade provides. 

They’re Stylish 

Certain window treatments will immediately date your home. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on money on a renovation only to miss the mark by choosing outdated window coverings. 

Roman shades have been around for thousands of years and are still in style. That means in 50 years, your window coverings will still look as modern and fresh as they do right now. 

They Look Luxe

With countless fabric options, you can make your Roman window shades stand out. Like with a red carpet dress, the materials you choose for your shades matter. Whether you select a subtle pattern or soft linen, your shades will look like you spent a ton of your decorating budget on them. 

Tons of Customization Options

There are so many different features you can customize when it comes to Roman shades. You can choose the fold, fabric, and color of your shades. You can also pair them with other types of draperies for additional privacy and light blockage. 

Are Roman Shades Right for Me?

You should explore Roman shades if you have one of the following decorating styles:

  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Retro
  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Mid-century

No matter your design style, there’s a Roman shade option for everyone. Roman shades also give a home a luxurious, yet understated feel. The different folds of Roman shades paired with an exquisite fabric look expensive when they’re typically not. 

Partner With Florida Blinds and More For Custom Window Shades

Roman window shades are a wonderful option for a modern home. Completely customize the fabric and color of your Roman shades with our custom design options. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Roman shades options in Longwood, FL. 



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