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10 Types of Interior Window Shutters to Consider for Your Ormond Beach Home

Do you need interior window shutters in your Ormond Beach home?

Whether you want looks or function, window shutters are a great addition to your home. But with a wide variety of styles and types of shutters, it can feel overwhelming. So how do you choose the right one for your needs?

That’s where we can help! Keep reading for these interior window shutters for Ormond Beach homes you won’t want to miss.

1. Wood

Wood shutters are often associated with the exterior of your home. But some options have shutters on the inside. These interior wood shutters add aesthetic charm and can control the amount of light and shade in a room.

The best part is you can get wood shutters in a very wide range of styles, shapes, and colors. You can choose solid wood with waterproof staining too. This protects your home against the harsh, sea-salt air if you want to open the windows and get fresh air in.

2. Plantation

Plantation shutters cry out with antebellum charm, but they’re much more versatile. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they’re interior shutters that are practical too.

They can let in as much light as you need, or block it out. Interior plantation shutters are sturdy and thick, they can also help provide insulation. This is great for guarding against the Ormond Beach coastal climate.

These shutters fit your window so you can open and close them like double doors. But, you can get tilted louvers which help give more control on the light levels. They’re a great, versatile option with a little touch of class.

3. Raised Panel

Raised panel shutters come in more classic designs than say, board and batten ones. You’ll often see this style used for kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

Usually, there are one or two rectangular areas of the shutter that seem more raised than the rest. This is a subtle visual style does make them versatile for a variety of property styles.

4. Board and Batten

These shutters have different configurations of vertical wood planks. The battens then go horizontal across them. For example, the battens could go across the top and the bottom in a straight line. They’re very similar to farmhouse interior shutters.

In some designs, they form a Z shape for more visual interest. These interior window shutters have a rustic, coastal vibe too, and look great in any seafront home.

You can get them in a variety of colors to suit your beach home too. Whether it’s traditional blues and whites or something funkier. This is a great way to add or extenuate the rustic beach charm of your Ormond Beach home.

5. Combination

If you’re not confined to a set style, you could choose a wood combination shutter. These give off a really unique look that you can customize.

For example, you could go for louvered style on the top and board and batten on the bottom half. This can create a modern style that fits your home, blending the old and the new.

6. Vinyl Shutters

PVC is the most common material for interior vinyl shutters. The main benefit over wood is they’re a more affordable option. They’re also great in high humidity and moisture levels.

For your Ormond Beach home, this means they won’t warp if they get water damage like a wood shutter could. You won’t be compromising on style though, as you can get realistic faux wood effects. There are also a variety of styles and colors too, to suit your home’s aesthetic.

7. Louvered

Louvered shutters are like plantation shutters and you can get them in vinyl and wood. What’s different is the slats are thinner and overlapping, connected to the frame. This means you can’t move them up and down.

Because of this, sometimes they’re better for the exterior of a home. But, you can have them inside, and open or close them to control the light levels in the room. It’s a great option for darker rooms where you want to let in all the light you can during the day.

8. Café Style

Café shutters can be plantation-style or louvered style, but they have a common feature. They only cover the bottom half of the window, not the whole thing.

This gives privacy in reading or breakfast nooks. This is a good choice if your windows overlook the road or path. With all the beachgoers, sometimes it’s nice to close off your home.

But don’t worry though, you won’t compromise on having a bright indoor space to enjoy. They’ll let in ample light through the top whether they’re close or open.  

9. Cutout

Cutout shutters are a beautiful addition as you can choose as unique a design for the cutout as you would like. It can fit the theme of your room, or be a symbol of your personality.

The shape you choose for your cutout can be any shape that you want. If you’re struggling for ideas, or want something traditional then here are some options:

  • Hearts
  • Dolphins
  • Stars
  • Clovers
  • Pineapples
  • Silhouettes

Cutout shutters are often formed of raised panel shutters at the top with the cutout. At the bottom, you can usually pair this with a bottom style of your choice.

10. Custom Design

Not every window is a typical rectangular shape. Think of those beautiful, large, rounded windows that are popular in Ormond Beach. For these instances, it’s better to go with a custom-made interior shutter.

This way, you can work with your arched or sloped windows and your ceiling height. You’ll get a bespoke fit that looks amazing, and you can guarantee your window shutters will be unique. Not only this, you can request any style you want, from modern to traditional.

Interior Window Shutters: Illuminate Your Ormond Beach Home

So, there you have it! Now you know these 10 types of interior window shutters you know what your options are.

Think about the style of your home and what look you’re trying to achieve. Also, consider what you want your shutters to do. Are they for show, or do you want more light control and insulation? Once you figure that out, you’ll be sure to pick the right shutters for you.

If you’re looking to install interior shutters, contact us today. At Florida Blinds & More, we’ve got the expert knowledge to help with all your shutter needs.



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