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7 Shutter Installation Mistakes to Avoid in Daytona Beach

The state of Florida issued 154,302 building permits last year. To date, the total housing units in this state stand at around 9,673,682. Whether you’re building a new home in Port Orange or conducting home renovations in Daytona Beach, installing shutters for your windows can make all the difference. 

Shutters not only control the amount of sunlight entering the house but also enhance privacy and limit intrusion. Over the years, shutters have become a popular exterior trend in Florida. However, your choice of shutters and how you install them matters.

Here are some blind installation mistakes to avoid with new exterior shutters. 

1. Trying to Achieve the Tightest Fit

Are you trying to revamp a historic home in Volusia or building a new house in Seminole? Shutters can be a perfect way to limit intrusion and enhance privacy. However, to achieve an ideal outcome, it would help to ensure that you don’t fasten the shutters too tightly. 

Shutters, just like most other vinyl products, may expand or contract over time. If you fasten these shutters without these likely changes in mind, the shutters may not have enough extra space to accommodate any movement. This can lead to shutter distortion in the medium- term.

The best way around shutters would be to fasten until you spare a gap that can accommodate expansion. These gaps should be the thickness of a dime.  

2. Trying Low-Quality Shutters

Not all homeowners in Flagler install shutters for safety or security. Some install shutters for decorative purposes to spruce up their exteriors. In such instances, it might be tempting to settle for cheaper low-quality curtains.

Before you sacrifice quality to save a few dollars, remember that these shutters will be part for your home for a while. Unless you’re willing to keep incurring additional costs of repairs and replacements, it would be a grave mistake to settle for less. If you live closer to the Daytona Beach Shores, the constant high-speed winds can be damaging stressors to your poor quality shutters.

This is why you need to invest in plantation shutters. If you’re keen to avoid blind installation mistakes, consider high-quality blinds such as plantation shutters, which come with different shutter sizes.  

3. Installing the Wrong Size 

Shutters can be a perfect exterior design when they’re an ideal fit. To maintain the aesthetic element, you need to ensure that the shutters aren’t too narrow to cover the entire window. Ultimately, you also want to ensure that the shutters also enhance privacy and limit intrusion.

Whether your shutters are operable just for decorative ends or for safety, they should be wide enough to cover the entire extent of windows. You also don’t want to end up with shutters that are larger than your windows. This variation might pose a challenge when it comes to closing and opening the windows.

You might need to have accurate measurements for your windows before installation to ensure that you get a perfect fit. This approach will help you avoid potential blind installation mistakes. 

4. Settling for the Wrong Colors for Your Shutters

Most homeowners in Dayton Beach install shutters to add style and class to their homes’ exterior. However, the challenge is often how to select a perfect shade for your blinds.  Before you settle for specific colors for shutters, it would help to pay attention to the combinations that will bring out an aesthetically perfect exterior. 

Ensure that you settle for a color for your shutters that matches other accessories. If you stray from your home’s accent colors, at least ensure that you decide for a color complementing the base shade.  Your choice of colors for your shutters can make the windows look bigger or smaller. 

5. Failing to Ensure Adequate Support

While this is often structural-related, it’s one of the most common blind installation mistakes when handling shutters. On top of offering the decorative element in your Volusia home, shutters also play the critical role of protection during strong winds and other weather elements. But to do this, they also need adequate support.

An expert note when it comes to window shutters is that you should include shutter blocks every ten inches when installing the shutters. This will minimize any risk of destruction due to extreme weather elements.

6. Shutter Shape Errors  

While it’s a no-brainer that shutters must match your windows’ shape, it’s common to see an apparent mismatch in most Florida homes. Often, you’ll see a beautiful arched window complemented with a rectangular shutter. 

Such apparent mistakes are a reflection of the ineptness of your contractor. Before you settle on specific styles for your shutters, consider the layout of your homes’ windows. Your plantation shutter panels show better aesthetic outcomes when they complete your house’s windows design.

The fact that shutters are more flexible than most other window coverings, you should take your time before choosing a specific shape. You can check out our wide range of Hunter Douglas plantation shutters to select the configuration that best fits your windows’ design.

7. Deciding Between Fixed and Operable Shutters 

Before you settle for window shutters for your home, you also need to understand the different types of blinds. This will help you avoid the mistake of paying for an operable shutter when, in the real sense, you wanted a fixed shutter design. Fixed shutters refer to the kinds of blinds that are generally non-functional other than decorative.

Most homes in Florida have traditionally opted for fixed shutters. However, you also have the option of operable or sliding screens. If you’re looking to install new curtains for your home, you should avoid making the mistake of settling for a fixed shutter design if your target is operable shutters. 

Operable shutters are flexible and convenient for most modern homes.

Among the brilliant operable shutter designs worth considering are our top of the class window and motorized shades. These automated shutter options guarantee you security and privacy on top of incredible automatic adjustment efficiency. If you’re looking for the most modern shutters, then these options will suit your needs.

Avoiding These Blind Installation Mistakes When Installing Shutters

Shutters can significantly improve your home’s exterior appearance and enhance safety and security. However, without the right insights, your endeavor to install shutters might end up being a nightmare. 

With our team of seasoned shutter installation contractors, you can learn everything about shutters and the right size, color, and type for your home. This will help you avoid these common blind installation mistakes. 

Our full range of products, including the Hunter Douglas, plantation shutters, window shades, and motorized shades, guarantee you longevity and style for your home in Daytona Beach.

If you need information on any of our products, contact us and our team of dedicated team will help you.



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