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7 Reasons to Install Roller Shades in Longwood Homes

You don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your window blinds… that is, until you need new ones. If you’re looking for new window treatments for your Longwood, FL home, you might have a lot of questions.How many different types of blinds are there? Which type should I choose? What is the best option for my budget? We’ll help you answer these questions by showing you seven of the most important reasons you should install roller shades in your home. 

So make sure you keep reading below! 

1. They Don’t “Cover up” Your Window 

Isn’t the whole point of blinds to cover up your windows?

Yes, but here’s what we mean by this. 

When you install drapes or even traditional blinds over your windows, you lose a portion of the window. Even if the blinds are open, there’s a small section at the top that stays covered. The same is true for the sides of the windows if you have drapes or other types of window treatments. 

Roller shades disappear when they’re open. Because of this, you get to enjoy more sunlight and views in your Longwood home. 

These types of shades also don’t cover up the natural shape of your window. Instead, they complement your window’s design and make the beauty pop even more. 

And while roller shades are thinner than other types of blinds, they still provide all the necessary protection from the Florida sun and heat. 

2. They’re Easy on Your Budget 

Window treatments aren’t exactly cheap. A lot of homeowners are forced to buy blinds for only a few windows at a time so they don’t go into debt. 

Roller shades are an affordable alternative to expensive types of window treatments. You’ll be able to install these shades throughout your entire home without overspending. 

3. There Are Many Different Types

Do you want blackout shades for the bedroom? Are you looking for a hands-free operating system so you can open and close the blinds while you’re sitting on the couch?

You can find roller shades to match your preferences. 

For example, you can buy blackout shades for the bedrooms, and you can install motorized roller shades in the living room. You can even find solar roller shades, which are see-through. This means you can enjoy the views without having to deal with the heat or glare that usually comes with it. 

4. The Design Options Are Unlimited 

Roller shades come in all different colors and patterns. This means you can find a color scheme that matches the rest of your decor. 

But the design customization doesn’t stop there. 

You can change the type of fabric your roller shades are made of, too. If you don’t like the way a particular fabric feels, that’s okay. You can switch the fabric out to a different option. 

This a good choice for people who have allergies. You can choose an allergy-friendly fabric type that won’t gather dust and that’ll keep your sneezing to a minimum. 

5. They’re a Child-Safe Choice 

Do you have a young child in your home?

Children like to explore and climb and get into things they shouldn’t be touching. Because of this, window blind cords can pose a serious danger to your kids. Once they get tangled up in these cords, they aren’t able to get out again. 

Kids continue to die from getting caught in these cords even today. 

Since roller shades don’t have any cords, they’re a child-safe option for your home. You can enjoy the comfort of window blinds without having to worry about the safety of your children. 

6. They’re a Good fit for Any Room in the Home 

These types of shades are a good fit for any room in your house. They look just as good in the dining room as they do in the bedroom. 

This makes shopping for and installing window treatments much faster and easier. 

Even if you don’t want all the blinds in your home to look the same, you don’t have to branch out from roller shades. Remember, there are many different types of roller shades to choose from. You can make them any color or design you want, so you can still personalize individual rooms to your preference. 

7. They’re Easy to Keep Clean 

Most blinds have dozens of slates that all gather dust and dirt. Cleaning these slates takes a long time, and they can gather dust quickly, meaning you have to brush them off at least once a month. 

Roller shades don’t have slats. Because of this, keeping them clean is simple and quick. 

In fact, you don’t have to do much of anything to keep them dust and dirt-free. However, if you want, you can brush them down with a clean cloth to remove any debris. 

But for the most part, you can enjoy clean shades without having to put in the effort to keep them that way. 

Why You Should Install Roller Shades in Your Longwood, FL Home Today 

If you’re looking for the best window treatment for your Longwood home, you should get ready to install roller shades. These shades give you the ability to customize your windows to the color, pattern, texture, and style you want, and you can do it all at an affordable price. 

Want to learn more about these types of shades?

We’ve got you covered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today with questions or to learn more about some of our products! 



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