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7 Benefits of Plantation Shutters for Homeowners in Orlando, FL

Are you looking for ways of controlling the natural lighting inside your Orlando, FL home? If so, then you’ve got to give plantation shutters for homeowners a hard look!

Maybe you’re looking for an investment that will give you a long term solution for your windows. Perhaps you want a bit more privacy in your home for the neighbors that only live a few feet away from you.

Whatever your reasoning might be, there are several amazing features that plantation shutters can offer. Here are several benefits of plantation shutters for homeowners in Orlando, FL. Be sure to consider them all as you reach your decision!

1. A Long-Term Investment

While purchasing shutters and blinds for your windows isn’t the sexiest investment you’ll ever make, it is certainly an important one. It will help you control the climate in your house while also helping the perfect amount of natural light seep in.

However, after you make this purchase, you’re probably hoping you won’t have to make it again for a long time. If so, then your plantation shutters are the perfect resolution for your Orlando, FL home.

They’re made to withstand all the different levels of sunlight that central Florida has, and are very easy to clean! Better yet, when it comes time to change them out, you only need to purchase new blades, rather than an entirely different set.

2. Timeless Style

Home decor is one of the trendiest industries in the entire world. While it’s fun to keep up with and build a personal style, it can be a pain on your budget because of how frequently the trends seem to change.

To keep the finances at bay, you need a few features that will stand the test of time. Ones that will stay in style no matter where the other home decor trends might take you.

Plantation shutters can offer you that. They have a simplistic look that meshes well with any home type. No matter what other decorations, wall paint colors, or flooring materials you choose, the plantation shutters will fit in perfectly.

3. Climate Control

What if someone told you that you could control the amount of natural lighting in your house and cut down on your monthly energy bill simultaneously? That’s the advantage plantation shutters can bring to your Orlando FL home!

They allow you to control how much sunlight gets inside your home and help you prevent the cold air from leaving your home. They also help with keeping the warm air outside and away from your living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms.

Without plantation shutters, you might find it difficult to keep the hot summer weather from creeping in. As a result, your air conditioner will be forced to work overtime, which can lead to a costly repair in the near future.

4. Easy to Clean

Say no more, right? Not only will your plantation shutters last forever, but they’ll also be easy to clean and, as a result, will keep their youth for longer.

You simply wipe them down every so often with a duster to avoid a build-up. It is a far easier process than cleaning drapes, roman shades, curtains, etc.

Simply invest in a dusting glove and walk around the house every so often to wipe away each blind. From then on, it’s one less thing you will have to worry about!

5. Durability

Being an investment that will constantly be exposed to the hot Florida sun, you want to make sure your blinds are capable of not only enduring UV rays but keeping their look through them.

Plantation shutters are a tremendous solution for Orlando FL homes because they’re made of so many different materials. Using materials like PVC, wood, and aluminum helps them stand the test of time.

Remember, this is an investment you want to make with long-term goals in mind. The plantation shutters you purchase will prevent you from having to replace them only a few years down the road.

6. Privacy

Your home is a space where you and your family get to power down and be removed from the outside world. Because of that, you want to make sure the outside world can’t see inside your home when you’re looking for privacy.

Plantations shutters give you control of your privacy. People won’t be able to see through your shutters when you close them, giving your home more security throughout the day and night. 

Purchasing plantation shutters for your Orlando FL home might help you lower the cost of your home insurance. Insurance companies consider it an added level of security, making your home less susceptible to break-ins.

7. Add Value to Your Orlando FL Home

Maybe you realize that the home you’re currently in won’t be your forever home. If so, then plantation shutters can help you there as well.

They add to the value of your home because they’re viewed as one of the more luxurious and favored windows covering options. 

People that tour your home in the future will see them as an added luxury. You can use them as an amenity to boost the asking price for your home down the line!

Plantation Shutters for Homeowners in Orlando, FL: A No-Brainer

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of plantation shutters for homeowners in Orlando, FL, it’s time for you to find the right company to purchase from.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how plantation shutters can serve as a cost-cutter for your home.

For more inquiries, please be sure to fill out this online form to receive a free estimate for your plantation shutters!



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