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7 Signs Homeowners in Port Orange Need New Window Shades

The demand for window coverings and shades is increasing. This might be because homeowners are always looking for a way to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes, update it, or make it more efficient. 

If you haven’t taken a closer look at your window shades, it’s time to do so. Window treatment solutions have a certain life-span. Beyond that, they can lose their appeal and be a safety hazard to children and pets.

Here are a few signs that you need to replace the window shades in your Port Orange home as soon as possible.

1. Difficult to Operate

Like blinds, window shades are operated using cords or devices that help them to either roll up or down. If you need to use a lot of force to raise the shades or cannot do so, either the cords are damaged or are on the edge of breaking.

Shades that are impossible to rise are quite annoying, and before you rip them out of your window, you may want to consider getting new ones. Get the best window shades in Port Orange for your home so that you do not have to struggle to operate your shades.

2. Frayed Edges

If your roman, roller, cellular, or solar shades scrap along the side of the frame because they are too wide, they are bound to get some frays along the edges. The fabric will not only look bad with frayed edges but will become more damaged if not replaced.

Frayed edges can also scrape your window frames, and the best solution is to replace any frayed shades. While you may consider sewing it, the fabric will not last. As you continue to lower and raise the shades every day, it will fray and rip.

When replacing the shades, try to ensure that you get the measurements of your window correctly. This way, you will get perfectly fitting shades. 

3. The Window Shades Are Out of Style

If you have an old home and you are still using the same shades since the house was built, it is time to ditch those outdated shades for a new style. Older shades make your home look dated and they are also most likely worn out. 

There are several styles and types of shades that you can choose from. These shades will not only make your home look better, but are also functional. Newer shades are trendy, timeless, and come with a lifetime warranty. 

Your window shades are also regularly exposed to harmful UV rays. With time, they will be discolored, making them look dull and ugly. You want your home to look good throughout, and this means you should get rid of your discolored shades and replace them with new ones.

When shopping around for the shades, consider getting a material that has UV inhibitors so that the shades can look good for longer. 

4. Safety Concerns

Do you know that if the cords of your shades are exposed, they are strangulation hazards for the pets and small children in your home? If you have any hanging cords, you may want to get new shades as fast as you can. 

Make your home a little safer and get new window shades that are safer for pets and the small children in your home. There are better shades available in the market today, like the cordless shades that pose no strangulation risk.

5. You Have Installed New Windows

Whether you have upgraded your windows to more energy-efficient ones or replaced broken or old windows, having new windows also means that you have new frames, and your shades might not fit them anymore.

Grab that opportunity and replace your shades with new ones that perfectly fit your new windows so that they do not fray or rip. New windows also need new shading to match and add to their beauty.

6. Frayed Cords

Frayed cords are a sign that your shades have lived beyond their lifetime. The constant use causes a lot of wear and tear, and the cords’ internal mechanisms can also damage them over time.

In case your shades are on the verge of falling because the cords are not able to support them anymore, you should consider getting a replacement. Frayed cords are also embarrassing because the shades can become stuck if they are no longer attached to the cords.

Frayed cords can also lead to bent window shades, and this just doesn’t look good. Avoid all this and get new shades. 

7. The Shaded No Longer Meet Your Needs

Your window shades have a lot of benefits to offer you. They should give you the privacy that you need, help you regulate the amount of sunlight in your home, keep you warm during winter, keep you cool during summer, and more.

If your window shades do not offer you all these, you may want to replace them. You might be losing a lot of money on energy costs with less efficient windows. 

Florida Blinds and More offer quality shaded that will provide you the insulation, privacy, and glare control that meet your needs. Get new windows shades in Port Orange that are guaranteed to offer you the best services. 

Get New Window Shades and Improve Your Home

Having new shades in your home can change the way it looks and help you control the amount of light coming into your home. There are several ways that you can use shades to improve your interior design. Therefore, take your time and choose the right window shades for your home that fit your style and need. 

If you need new shades but you do not know which one you should get. Check out our latest collection of shades that will offer you quality, efficiency, beauty, and more at an affordable price. 

Regardless of what you need, we have the solution you are looking for. Contact us today for high-quality window shades in Port Orange and surrounding cities.



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