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7 Reasons to Add Plantation Shutters to Your Sanford, FL Property

Did you know around 80% of homeowners in the United States in 2020 planned to implement home improvement projects? Everyone wants to stay in a warm and aesthetically appealing home. Home improvement can be a daunting task. You want to find something quality, affordable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. Plantation shutters accord you these benefits and more.

If you are looking for durability and classic touch, plantation shutters are your way to go.

Florida Blinds and More offers you the finest shutter options that work for any house or apartment. Here are seven reasons why plantation shutters should be part of your space.

1. Visual Appeal and Practicality

Who doesn’t want a beautiful space? Shutter upgrades can transform the entire mood of your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. The wide polished panels add depth to your style and design.

You can customize your shutter’s color, theme, and structure to match your ideal visual appeal.

Florida houses are among the prettiest homes in America. You can tap into this beauty by investing in aesthetically appealing shutter options.

One thing we have observed in some of the counties we serve (Volusia, Flager, and Seminole), people not only want beautiful home improvements, but they also want functionality. You need functional and user-friendly window treatments.

Plantation shutters are both stylish and practical.

2. Allows Light Control

You want a proper balance of light control in your spaces. Plantation shutters fit your window frames slinky.

You can let in or keep away sunlight.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunset, the slats can open easily to allow light in. No one wants a dingy living or bedroom. You can bring in the outdoors in your room by opening the shutters.

When you are watching tv, you can control light glares using plantation shutters’ thick blades. This flexibility makes your space transformable to match your mood.

3. Plantation Shutters are Easy Maintenance

The shutters’ thick blades are easy to adjust, allowing you to clean all the surface areas easily. Using a hand vacuum, you can easily remove dirt. Alternatively, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the blades in 5 minutes.

No one loves the hassle of removing curtains for cleaning and the stress of hooking them back. Shutter upgrades save you money, time, and effort, as they are easy to maintain.

4. Durability

Florida Blinds and More produce strong and durable shutters. The plantation shutters are made from robust and durable material. The final coating of the frame and slats is designed not to peel or lose color easily.

You do not need to worry about visiting Florida stores now and then to improve your windows constantly. Our plantation shutters stand up to high humidity and cracking.

For spaces receiving plenty of sunshine, wood plantation shutter choice is excellent.

Shutters are built to last as permanent fixtures on windows. The majority of shutter options are made of the following;
• Wood
• Plastic, or
• Insulite

The materials stand the test of time. If you are looking for temporary window treatments, you can choose vinyl window treatment or less durable material.

5. Cost-Effective Home Upgrade

Your home improvements don’t have to be costly. Although everyone wants to upgrade their space, you don’t want to spend a fortune.

Plantation shutters are made from durable material, which reduces maintenance costs. They also snug perfectly into the window frames eliminating the need to invest in drawstrings or curtain rods.

Shutters also have a heat-retaining attribute, which can help lower your energy bills. Shutter upgrades are energy-efficient window treatments that reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day.

With harsh Florida’s economy, you want the best value for your money and transform your home on a budget. Shutter upgrades are cost-effective due to the following features;
• Energy efficiency
• Easy maintenance
• Durability

In comparison to curtains and drapes, plantation shutters are more affordable. With home renovations becoming more relevant during Covid 19, you want an affordable option.

6. Plantation Shutters are Versatile and Customizable

Florida is a hub of diversity. You want to customize your home to match your identity. Living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms today come in all shapes and sizes.

You want a window treatment that perfectly matches your unique house. Plantation shutters are customizable, even with odd-shaped windows. Shutters upgrades can fit your preferred design, shape, or size.

The versatility of plantation shutters is incredible. Although there are many windows covering trends, shutter options remain timeless.

Shutter options complement most interior design styles. If you are looking for a contemporary, traditional, rustic, or minimalistic theme, shutters can perfectly complement your style.

For spaces like garages or bathrooms, moisture-resistant vinyl is an ideal option.

7. Security and Privacy

Our shutter options have thick blades that give you privacy. Spaces like bedrooms require maximum privacy. You don’t want to worry about someone passing by or watching you from a distance.

Shutter blades can be tilted to offer your privacy. Depending on your preference, you can achieve between visual barrier to total seclusion with simple tilts of the slats.

If you are a parent, shutter options also offer child safety. It is a natural instinct for parents to worry about low-hanging cords, uncovered or unprotected outlets. Such contexts are safety hazards to your children and pets.

Plantation shutters take away the worries of pets or kids getting entangled. They also protect your windows from burglars as they are strong.

Invest in the Best Window Treatments

Plantation shutters are perfect for all homes around Florida. Their durability and versatility make them a better alternative window treatment for your space. You want promising window treatments that will add style to your space without spending a fortune.

Shutter upgrades are beautiful, affordable, and practical. Whether you choose vinyl, composite, or wood, you can add class to your space for years to come.

Contact us for the best plantation shutters options and fittings.



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