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5 Vertical Blind Installation Mistakes to Avoid in Port Orange, FL

Are you looking to install vertical blinds into your windows of your Port Orange, FL home? If so, then you need to know how to install them correctly.

There’s a lot more planning that goes into installing vertical blinds than many people think. Forgetting to measure or not choosing the right blinds can be a detriment to the entire project.

In order to avoid these mistakes, you need to educate yourself on how to correctly go about it. Here are several mistakes to avoid during vertical blind installation. Be sure to consider them all as you go about planning your installation today.

1. Thinking Windows Are All One Size

Windows come in many different shapes and sizes. The more windows that you have in your house, the higher the odds that they are all different sizes.

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their windows are all one size and ordering the same measurements for each one. They might measure one window and make a blind assumption that all windows in the house are the same length and width.

Doing this leads to many unhappy customers, as they go to install the vertical blinds and realize they’re either too short or too long. Vertical blinds are difficult to pull off without being the exact size they need to be.

To avoid this problem, be sure to take a tape measure to each window in your Port Orange, FL home. While it might seem exhaustive, not doing so can delay the project if you have to return the blinds for a different size.

2. Not Considering Your Interior Colors

How many times have you visited someone’s house and thought that their window blinds looked a bit out of place? Perhaps you noticed that they stuck out like a sore thumb, but couldn’t pinpoint why.

Odds are that it stuck out because it wasn’t on-theme with all of the other colors that they have in that room. How does this happen?

Because many people shop by the way the blinds look in the picture(s) that the seller uses. If they look good in the picture next to beige walls, they purchase them.

The only problem is that you might not have beige walls. You might have grey walls or dark-colored walls, in which the blinds you ordered won’t look good with.

Instead, think in terms of placing the blinds in your home. If you can envision them working with things like your window treatment, floors, walls, and window frames, then it’s a match made in heaven!

3. Not Considering All Your Options

While vertical blinds are an incredible option, they certainly aren’t the only option that you have for your Port Orange, FL home. Not weighing out those options can cause your interior to suffer, and you might not be happy with the result.

You might enjoy the aesthetic of things such as Hunter Douglas window treatments, motorized blinds, interior shutters, or even shades. One of these options might fit better with your home’s aesthetic.

For example, interior shutters can boost the beach house feeling of your home. All your out-of-state relatives that come to visit will feel as if they’re right on the beach. 

The shades that you choose also have a direct effect on the natural lighting within your home. Many consider vertical blinds to cut out the most light, so consider that in your plans.

4. Picking Blinds That Are Difficult to Maintain

Not all vertical blind brands are created equal. Some offer ease of use to their customers while others break quickly, leaving you to turn each blind to open or close them… what a hassle!

On top of that, you might not enjoy how hard it can be to clean some of the blinds on the market these days. Depending on the materials they’re made of, some might be more difficult to keep in mint condition.

You want something that’s as easy as turning one way to wipe it down, then turning another way to wipe it down, then you’re done! In order to ensure you can do that for many years to come, you need a trusted brand that’s known for its durability.

Start by looking online at customer reviews and testimonials to point you in the right direction. Now, no matter which way you go, you’ll be lining yourself with a vertical blind manufacturer that you can trust.

5. Not Using a Professional to Install it

Simply put, you should only purchase vertical blinds from a company that will help you install the blinds in your home. Why should you pay full price for the blinds and invest the time to install them yourself?

By having them put on by a professional, you can ensure that they’re ready to use that same day. It also eliminates the risk of the blinds braking or not being able to be used properly due to an inexperienced installation.

As you’re shopping around, make sure you ask what the cost is for installation. Save yourself the hassle and leave it to the professionals to set up.

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Now that you’ve seen all the different ways to perform a successful vertical blind installation, it’s time for you to find a trusted company for your home.

Be sure to read this article on several reasons why you should get window blinds for your Port Orange, FL home.

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