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5 Things To Know About Motorized Shades in Daytona Beach

Over 14 million tons of plastic are disposed of in the sea every year. It then washes ashore and ruins coastlines. Thousands of tourists and locals flock to Daytona Beach, so organizations often host beach clean-up events. However, after a hot day outside, residents want to retire to the coolness of their homes. But, how can you manage your home’s temperature when you’re out? Motorized shades are the answer. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of having a motorized shade in Daytona Beach? Here are some things you should know about motorized shades in the area.

Motorized Shades in Daytona Beach: The Basics

You can operate motorized window shades with the touch of a button from your phone or remote. It’s one of the reasons they are also known as Smart Shades.

In some cases, you can also operate them through your virtual assistants via Google and Alexa. You will have the ability to operate the motorized shades collectively or independently.

So, for example, you can reduce the glare in the living room by lowering the motorized shade while the bedroom shades remain untouched. You can also set a timer for the shades to go down or up. 

The Benefits of Motorized Shades in Daytona Beach

Motorized shades add a luxurious element to your home or office. However, there are many benefits to motorized shades. Look below to decide if they are ideal for your property. 

Regulating Temperature in Daytona Beach Homes 

Although we haven’t beaten Daytona’s hottest temperature of 102.0°F, our summers are long and hot. Therefore, we risk heatstroke if we don’t control temperatures in our homes and offices. 

Your motorized shade can act as a coolant to lower the internal room temperature throughout the year. For example, they will block the sunrays to lower temperatures in summer. Then, in the winter, they will stop escaping warmth. 

This temperature regulation means you will use AC or heating less. As such, your energy bills will decrease. Motorized shades for windows also have a long life span, so you will continue to reap the benefits.

Different motorized shade colors will affect the temperature level. You should consider a darker or blackout motorized window shade on sun-facing windows that capture the midday heat. 

Motorized shades are available in an opaque level between 1-15%. The opaqueness is achieved by increasing or decreasing the tightness of the woven material. For example, 1% is a tighter weave, so less sunlight seeps through.

Child-friendly Daytona Beach Homes

It is important to consider child safety in Daytona Beach as 17% of the population is under 18 years old, and 5% are under five years old. As a result, you are likely to have children in your home.

Traditional window blinds often have string pulleys to operate them. They are a risk if you don’t tuck them away from children’s wandering fingers. However, motorized shades don’t have any pulleys or potentially dangerous components. 

Increasing Daytona Beach Office Productivity

Research suggests that optimum lighting comfort in our offices can increase productivity. As such, one of the biggest hindrances to productivity in Dayton Beach offices is glare.

Glare is caused by direct sunlight reflecting on computer screens. It will cause headaches, discomfort, and potential eye damage. The most effective way to limit glare is to install motorized shades for windows.

You can lower motorized shades throughout the day to ensure that workers receive enough sunlight without glare. Our motorized shades can also follow a set timing for ease. 

Are Motorized Shades in Daytona Beach the Right Choice for You?

In 2021, the Daytona Beach Housing Authority began work on a $59 million regeneration project to create elderly and disabled-friendly homes. Motorized shades are the ideal investment in homes for senior citizens and people with mobility issues.

Motorized shades reduce the risk of senior citizens falling over because they are adjusted by remote. In addition, people planning home renovations should consider motorized blinds. They have a long lifespan and may last for up to ten years.

We mentioned motorized blinds help to regulate the temperature in your home. They are also good for your wallet and the environment as they stop escaping heat that adds to your C02 footprint.

What to Consider When Choosing Daytona Beach Motorized Shades 

Motorized shades offer more convenience than traditional pulley blinds. You will also have a wider choice of designs, fabrics, and weave. They can be installed inside your window alcove or above in the following styles. 

  • Roller shades: A single fabric sheet that rolls around a casing 
  • Roman shades: A pleated material to cover windows from above

These window shades work in different manners and have a variety of colors. They will be an excellent addition to any room. 

Residents of Daytona Beach Choose Hunter Douglas Motorized Shades

Hunter Douglas shades were launched in 1946 and are one of the leading blind and shade companies. We are proud to be the official Hunter Douglas dealer in Central Florida.

Daytona Beach residents can enjoy shades that are reminiscent of their beloved landscapes. For example, try Olive Sprig if you prefer softer hues to match the greenery of nearby Tiger Bay State Forest in Daytona Beach.

The Honey Wheat color reminds people of sand, while Shimmering Ocean and Blue Sky are ideal accompaniments. You might also be interested in GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ Fabrics made from recovered sea plastic. 

In addition, Hunter Douglas releases a color trend chart, so you’ll be at the forefront of interior design trends. The new Pantone color “Very Peri” is topping the charts. Hunter Douglas motorized shades in this hue add a burst of color to your room.

On-Trend With Motorized Shades in Daytona Beach

You are now armed with the information you need to select motorized shades for your home. Depending on how you use the rooms, you might benefit from different shades. You’ll be able to control motorized shades independently and collectively to save energy and add style. 

While we specialize in Hunter Douglas shades, you can contact us today to discuss your shade and blind needs. 



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