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Plantation Shutters in Port Orange: Are They Worth It?

You’ve just had a glorious idea for redecorating your Port Orange, FL, home. You want to install new window coverings. Plantation shutters pique your interest because they create a classy and traditional look. Not to mention the other benefits, including shading your furnishings from the sun.

With all the beautiful window options available to home decorators, you may be wondering if plantation shutters are worth the investment. Here is what you should know before you make your purchase.

Plantation Shutters vs. Traditional Shutters

To clarify any confusion about what plantation shutters are, it’s helpful to talk about what they’re not.

Traditional shutters work on a hinge or track. Some are opaque, some have a lattice-look, and others look like blinds. They all work the same.

Plantation shutters use angled horizontal slats in a louvered design. These shutters slope downwards from the outside in, and when open, they let more light and air come through. 

When closed, plantation shutters block almost all light. In the closed position, they also reduce the warm air that can get in through the window. It’s this feature that makes these shutters ideal for homes in warm climates like Port Orange, FL.

Why You Need Plantation Shutters

Window coverings aren’t optional for homes in warm, sunny climates. Traditional curtains or blinds can keep the sun out while adding a decorative touch to your living spaces. Plantation shutters go the extra mile.

Here are a few of the fantastic benefits you’ll enjoy when upgrading to these popular window treatments. The benefits are the same whether you order wood, vinyl, or composite shutters.

They Stand the Test of Time

Florida’s sunny climate is good for the soul, but it’s tough on curtains and blinds. Fabric fades, and vinyl loses its color. Vinyl blinds are also susceptible to warping and peeling.

Plantation shutters will not succumb to aging or the sun’s harmful UV rays.

You’ll only need to have these window shutters installed once. They’re timeless. Even if the shutters get damaged, and you need to replace one, you won’t have to replace the mountings.

Easy to Clean 

Cleaning plantation shutters is a breeze. All you need is a damp cloth or a duster that traps and locks dirt and debris—no more washing and rehanging curtains or blinds.

Your Choice of Styles

These shutters come in a range of styles. You can cover the entire window or order half window shutters. They also come in solid or bi-fold panels that allow you to determine how wide to open them.

You can order custom plantation shutters that lift when you want to let in more fresh air as well.

Add Charm to Your Home

It doesn’t matter whether you are on the inside looking out or vice-versa. Plantation shutters give your home a warm, charming feel. They make an excellent choice for people looking to upgrade their décor.

Aside from their durability, easy maintenance, and charm, plantation shutters add value to your home. We’ll tell you why next.

Why Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Home

Perhaps, you’re happy in your home today and have no plans to move. If things change and you decide to sell, plantation shutters may add perceived value to your home.

These shutters impress buyers.

From a curb appeal perspective, shutters give a home an elegant, finished appearance. First impressions are invaluable when selling a home, and beautiful windows make a great first impression.

Most buyers want a move-in ready home. They don’t have time to purchase all new window treatments. It’s one reason plantation shutters make an excellent selling point.

It’s possible your shutters may help your home sell faster. It’s wise to talk to a realtor to get their ideas on how you could use shutters as a feature.

How Plantation Shutters Can Save You Money

Installing plantation shutters offers at least two financial benefits.

First, they fit tightly against your windows. This helps you save on your energy bill year-round.

During the hot, humid summers here in Port Orange, you need a way to keep the sun’s heat out. Energy-efficient shutters help, and with less heat coming in through the windows, your cooling system won’t need to work as hard.

Plantation shutters help keep cold air out and warm air inside in the cooler season. When temperatures drop to the 40s, you’ll appreciate the warmth during those nights.

Second, shutters provide an extra layer of home security. When closed, they protect your privacy, but there’s more to it than avoiding peering eyes.

Plantation shutters with a locking option deter entry by uninvited visitors. Home invaders will not want to bother once they realize getting into your home is a challenge.

Locking shutters may entitle you to a discount on your homeowners’ insurance. Check with your provider.

Plantation Shutters Offer Modern Convenience

Some brands of plantation shutters offer the option to automate the operation of the shutters.

You can control the shutter to tilt closed at the hottest time of the day and open during early morning or late evening hours. Programmable motorized shutters operate remotely and allow you to open individual shutters or open them all at once.

Motorized shutters take the guesswork out of protecting your upholstery, carpets, and natural wood flooring by blocking UV rays at the same time every day.

Plantation Shutters Are the Best Window Treatment Option

Whether you’re updating your current home or choosing window treatments for a new build, you can’t go wrong with plantation shutters. With their timeless charm, energy-saving features, low maintenance, and convenience, it’s easy to see why it’s worth it to add them to your home. 

If you live in Port Orange or one of the surrounding cities, Florida Blinds & More can help you select your new shutters. For questions on styles, installation, and the cost of plantation shutters, contact us today.



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