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Everything You Need to Know About Blackout Shades in Flagler County

Did you know that sleeping with too much light in your room can cause obesity? It might sound like an unbelievable claim, but it’s true.

Thankfully, there is a stylish and easy way to limit the light in your room. Perhaps you’re a night worker or a light sleeper desperate for quality sleep? Or you’re a game and movie fan hoping to stop screen glare?

Whatever the reason, blackout blinds can help. They will block between 95% to 100% of light. But, there are many other benefits to blackout blinds.

Check out this complete guide on blackout shades to learn more about locally available options. 

Hunter Douglas in Orlando

Hunter Douglas blinds are one of the best on the market, and we’re your local Hunter Douglas experts for Volusia, Flagler, Seminole, and Orange County.

We’d recommend darker colors in non-sheer fabrics for the best blackout effect. Often blackout shades have a halo of light between the blind edges and the window. However, the Hunter Douglas LightLock system will cover this light halo.

Orlando has 38 hospitals with thousands of employees covering night shifts. So after a night shift, you need quality sleep. In addition to standard shades, Hunter Douglas blinds can include a room-darkening liner. 

Plantation Shutters in Deltona

Plantation shutters are a solid investment that will last 25 years. They are ideal for people who want a window treatment that blends into the room’s design.

Plantation shutters can be mounted both inside and outside of the window frame. This flexibility will limit the amount of halo light. In addition, there are many colors for plantation shutters to suit all interior design styles. 

Window Shades in Palm Coast

Traditional window shades come in many style options to suit your design preference. There may be some styles you haven’t heard of, so do some research before choosing. The most popular and on-trend shades are:

  • Roller Shades
  • Roman shades
  • Cellular shades
  • Top-down shades
  • Honeycomb shades

These window shades work in different manners and have a variety of colors. They will be an excellent addition to any room. Many of these designs are also available in motorized versions.

Motorized Shades in Sanford

Sanford has 238 days of sunshine, which is much higher than the national average. As such, motorized shades will help you block the harmful UV rays in your home. 

You can operate motorized shades by remote control. They are a fantastic cordless addition to modern homes and are safe for children. In addition, many of the best blackout shades are now available in motorized versions. 

Choose the Best Blackout Curtains in Daytona Beach

Nightlife establishments in Daytona Beach close at 2 am or 3 am. The National Institute of Health recommends darkening the room to help ease hangover pains.

So, you’ll need blackout curtains if you like to party all night and sleep all day. But, they are also the best bet for darkening other rooms in your home.

Best Blackout Shades for the Bedroom

Blackout shades guarantee the morning light won’t wake you. As a result, you can have eight hours of sleep.

Blackout roller blinds are the best option for bedrooms. They are made from thicker material to decrease the amount of light entering a room.

However, you may notice a halo of light from the gaps around the window edge. You can purchase light blocking strips to counterbalance the halo light.

Best Blackout Shades for the Living Room

Glare will affect the visibility of your television, can interrupt your concentration, and cause headaches. So, if you enjoy watching movies or gaming, consider blackout roman shades.

Roman shades in dark colors will leave a minimal amount of light halo. They will stop glare but still provide enough light to move around the room safely. For the ultimate in luxury, choose a motorized bling version. You won’t even need to leave the sofa to operate them.

Best Blackout Shades for the Office

Working in an office with glare on your computer can cause lasting eye damage. So, although you’ll want some light to see your work, you should install honeycomb shades to darken the room.

The honeycomb design will also regulate the room’s temperature and dampen external noise. As such, they are perfect for Lake Nona Business Park in Orlando.

How Do Blackout Shades Work in Port Orange?

Blackout shades are made from tightly woven material. It is darker and thicker than average, which aids in blocking light. They can be installed either inside the window recess or over the window.

Consider a blind larger than the window to diffuse halo light. Installing them inside the recess will give you a much smaller halo. 

Do Blackout Shades Remove 100% Of Light in Bunnell?

Blackout shades stop direct lights, but you may still see some around the window edges. Unfortunately, the term “blackout” is overly used and confuses consumers.

So, before you buy blackout shades, ask for the blocking percentage. A blackout shade should be 100%, and between 95% to 99% is room-darkening. 

Benefits of Blackout Shades in Maitland

Alongside blocking the light and noise pollution, new blackout shades have other benefits. Take a look at the following points to decide if blackout shades are what you need. It is important to note that the level of these benefits changes depending on the type of blackout shades you choose. 

  • Furniture Protection: Direct sunlight causes fading 
  • Eye protection: Using screens with glare is damaging
  • Regulate temperature: In hot areas, such as Seminole County, blackout blinds will keep the room cool and vice-versa. 
  • Added security: A Passerby will be unable to see into the room

Benefits of Blackout Shades in Altamonte Springs

Blackout blinds can improve your health, ensure quality sleep, darken rooms, limit external noise and match your home design. With just one item, you reap many benefits.

So, think about what blackout shades best suit your needs. You may also need various blackout blind styles for different rooms. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

We’re passionate about making sure you have the perfect blackout shades. As your local Hunter Douglas specialists, contact us to discuss installations.  



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