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Your Guide to Buying Vertical Blinds in Volusia County

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to choose new vertical blinds for your Volusia County home, you’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes, your blinds won’t behave, no matter how many times you try to fix them. When this happens, you may find that it’s time for a replacement. If so, you may want to consider vertical blinds for your next window or door treatment.

These blinds run up and down instead of left and right. For this reason, sliding glass door blinds are an intuitive choice for many Volusia County homeowners. They’re also a great treatment for wide windows and doors.

For a guide to buying vertical blinds in Volusia County, keep reading.

Upgrading to Vertical Window Blinds

If you’re in the market for new window blinds, you owe it to yourself to give these blinds a once over. They are a great addition to wide windows and doors.

They open from side to side instead of from the bottom to the top. Still, vertical blinds provide excellent protection from the sun.

You can adjust the blinds to control lighting privacy. They’re available in a variety of colors, textures, and designs.

Vertical window blinds are safe for homes with kids. They’re also safe around your kids of the fuzzy variety, such as cats and dogs.

Most of today’s vertical blinds feature a child-safe control wand. A wand is easy to operate.

What’s more, vertical blinds are easy to clean and maintain. It’s a bit challenging keeping horizontal blinds clean. Dust likes to settle on the flat surfaces of the slats.

You’ll still need to care for your blinds. However, you’ll notice that there’s much less dust buildup.

For this reason, your vertical blinds simply need occasional cleaning. You can wipe them down easily with a mixture of mild detergent and water. If you like, you can use a vacuum and a brush attachment to do the heavy lifting before you get started.

Sizing Them Up

They are available in a selection of materials. For instance, you may see vertical blinds available in aluminum, fabric, or wood. You may also see vinyl slats for vertical blinds.

The slats come in a few common shapes. You can choose between flat or connected s-shaped slats. You may also see slats with a slight curve.

These beautiful blinds are also available in a variety of widths. However, the most common slat size is three and a half inches wide.

If you have an extra-large window or door, you may want to opt for a wider slat width. Also, when shopping at a premier window treatment store, you can have your vertical blinds cut to any length that you desire.

They blend well with modern spaces. They go great with contemporary and transitional decor. With vertical blinds, you have a stylish option for controlling the light in a room by treating large window or door openings.

They’re great for places where traditional draperies block out too much light. However, the design of vertical blinds means that you don’t have to sacrifice privacy.

Vertical blinds also create a pleasant illusion. They make rooms feel larger and more open.

Sorting Through the Options

You must also think about how your vertical blinds will stack when they’re open. For instance, you can choose blinds that stack to the left or the right. Alternatively, you can choose a vertical blind that stacks toward both sides of a window frame or door.

When considering how your vertical blinds will stack, it’s helpful to think about the view. You’ll want to choose the option that provides the most viewing area.

Also, it’s important to understand that vertical blinds work on a guided track system. They also have wider slats.

For these reasons, they need more mounting depth compared to traditional blinds. Accordingly, it’s important to check the minimum depth requirements before investing in vertical blinds.

Also, you’ll need to consider how you’ll use your vertical blinds. For instance, if you install your blinds over a patio or sliding glass door, you’ll most likely use it frequently.

If so, you’ll want to select blinds made with durable material. Your new blinds will need to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

For this kind of application, you might choose a soft fabric. Alternatively, you can select a flat wood vertical blind that has more substance.

The Right Blinds for Your Home

There’s one thing that people often overlook when choosing new vertical blinds—color! When this happens, your new blinds may look out of place.

A color clash usually occurs when blinds don’t match the theme of your room. However, there’s a logical reason why this happens.

Often, people will choose blinds based on how they look in pictures. However, photos don’t always match the color scheme of everyone’s home.

Instead, think of the color scheme in your home as you shop for blinds. You’ll need to visualize how your new blinds will look with your existing walls, floors, and any additional window treatments.

Don’t Wait! Upgrade Your Blinds Today

Now you know more about choosing vertical blinds for your Volusia County home. What you need now is a retailer that can provide you with the perfect blinds to fit your style and needs.

Florida Blinds & More is your source for the best blinds available. If you’re unsure where to start, our experts will gladly help you make the right choice.

Contact a knowledgeable Florida Blinds & More representative today at (386) 317-1485 or connect with us online. We’re ready to help you find the perfect high-quality blinds or shades for your Volusia County home.



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