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The Benefits of Motorized Window Blinds in 2021

Beep! Beep! Beep! That’s the sound of your 6:15 am alarm telling you it’s time to get up. Bleary-eyed, you stumble out of bed and fumble for your blind cord, to let the morning light in. You finally locate the cord and being to tug, eventually lifting the blind to take in the beautiful day outside, which you ignore, turning to go make some coffee. So many of our mornings begin this way, but what if they didn’t have to? What if you could wake up to the sun naturally, laying in bed to take in the day before getting out of bed feeling calm and relaxed, ready for the day ahead. The only thing standing between you and a blissful morning is motorized window blinds.

Here are 7 benefits of motorized window blinds that will leave you wondering why you didn’t make the switch sooner. 

What Are Motorized Window Blinds?

Motorized window blinds bring the best climate and privacy-controlling aspects of your home into the 21st century. They use modern technology to allow you to control your window blinds with a remote, your voice, or an app. 

Motorized window blinds eliminate the need for you to manually control your blinds, making them highly accessible for all users. You can control them from your bed, your couch, or even away from home at your office or on holiday. 

No longer do you need to get frustrated constantly opening and closing your blinds all day as the temperature outside changes, or struggling to pull hard-to-reach cords that are an eyesore to your home.  

Motorized blinds allow you to increase the value of your home while making it a more enjoyable place to live.  

7 Benefits


Motorized window blinds last 50% longer than their manual counterparts. Their motors are quieter than ever, with the motor hidden out of sight and out of mind. The motor puts consistent and gentle tension on the blind each time it operates, reducing the typical wear and tear that comes with manual blinds due to inconsistent tugging each time you raise and lower the blind. 

Convenience and Accessibility

Set your bedroom shades with home automation applications from your phone or tablet, so your blinds will open whenever your alarm goes off in the morning – or better yet, instead of your alarm! 

What’s more, you can use your remote, or voice control your motorized blinds. Manually adjusting hard-to-reach blinds can be difficult in awkward areas of your home. Motorized window blinds make controlling your blinds as easy as pressing a button, or saying “Hey [smart device], open blinds”. 

Child Safety

Motorized window blinds remove the need to handle your blinds. Without cords, window treatments are both beautiful and safe. The worry about children or pets getting tangled in blind cords will be gone. Motorized window blinds remove the need for cords, offering the ultimate in safety and aesthetics. 


Motorized solar shades for large windows are the answer to your high ceilings and skylights, where installing traditional blinds can be a challenge. Motorized window blinds are a simple solution for high windows, skylights, and other hard-to-reach places. Cords don’t hang down from strange places, or trail in an unsightly way around the walls, and you can control them with ease. 

Better Energy Efficiency

Motorized window blinds provide a solid return on investment over time thanks to their durability and the increased energy efficiency they provide to your home. It doesn’t take long for natural light outside to change the temperature inside your home. 

Living in Florida gives us year-round access to something other areas of the country only have access to in moderation. Natural light. Automatically opening your blinds on warm winter days, and closing them when it’s hot in summer can optimize your home’s temperature, increasing its energy efficiency, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills. 

Not only will motorized window blinds help prevent your heating and cooling system from working overtime, but they can prolong the life of those systems, ensuring you don’t need to replace them before their expected life span. 

Privacy and Security

Many homeowners enjoy having their blinds open during the day to let natural light in, which has many health benefits. However as the sun goes down, and the outside environment darkens, this can make it easy for outsiders to see in. 

Remove “close the blinds” from your list of nightly chores to do with motorized window blinds. You can pre-select a time for your blinds to close each night as the sun goes down. 

Motorized window blinds can also offer additional security, by organizing your window blinds room by room you are able to raise and lower each blind on a pre-set schedule to make your home appear occupied, even when it’s not. While you’re on vacation, your blinds will still open and close according to your pre-set automation. Home security experts warn that one of the most common ways thieves identify target homes is through unobstructed views into a home. 

You can even control your motorized window blind remotely as well. Say you forgot to close them before leaving for work, you can open your application and select the shade you wish to control, all while at work. 

Protect your Furniture and Floors

Sunlight is known to cause damage to our home contents, lightening furniture, floors, and rugs, and damaging art. The benefit of motorized window blinds set to an automated schedule is being able to set and forget it. Keep your rugs, furniture and art protected from the sun’s rays without having to constantly manually adjust your blinds.  

Ready to Buy Motorized Window Blinds?

Now that you’ve read the benefits motorized window blinds can bring, the next step is to start the process for yourself. 

For inquiries, visit our contact us page where we can provide you with a free quote and assist you further with bringing motorized window blinds into your home.



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