Wooden Shutters Vs. Vinyl Shutters

Wooden Shutters Vs. Vinyl Shutters: Which Is Best For Your Home?

Once upon a time, window shutters were necessary to keep your home warm, safe, and protected from storms. You still find many beautiful functional window shutters that slide or swing shut but today’s shutters are mainly for aesthetics.

Window shutters make a home feel warm and look inviting. They’re visually appealing and boost your home’s curb appeal.

But the wrong shutters can make your home the neighborhood’s eyesore. Picking the right material, color, and size of your shutters is key to a beautiful look.

When it’s time to decide between wooden shutters vs. vinyl shutters, there’s a lot you need to consider. Both wooden and vinyl shutters have their set of advantages and disadvantages.

Are you adding or replacing shutters on your home? Learn how to decide whether wooden shutters vs. vinyl shutters are better for your home.

Advantages of Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters have an authentic and warm appearance to them. They have a long history and continue to be a popular choice today.

The majority of today’s homeowners prefer the look of wooden shutters. Wooden shutters are versatile and offer a timeless look that vinyl, composite, or other shutter materials can’t achieve. The different types of wood you can choose from have unique characteristics and qualities.

Wooden shutters are a great option for people living in drier areas. Wetter climates can cause the wood to mold, degrade, or warp.

Compared to many other shutter materials, wood is the most versatile. The types of wood available allow you to customize your shutters to match your home’s decor like the interior shutters. Different types of wood offer different textures, patterns, and colors.

Basswood and poplar are two common types of wood used for wooden shutters. They’re very durable and lightweight making them versatile. Both types of wood look great when stained or painted giving you an almost unlimited color palette.

Finally, if you like the look of wider slats in your shutters, wood is the way to go. They won’t sag over time and will continue to look great as long as you maintain them.

Advantages of Vinyl shutters

Vinyl shutters are growing in popularity. The vinyl material is stronger and more versatile than it used to be 20 years ago.

Like wooden shutters, you can find a wide selection of colors and textures in vinyl. There are many natural color options as well as class blacks, whites, reds, and more. You won’t run out of color options.

A big advantage to vinyl over wooden shutters is it’s a more affordable option. If your home has many windows, vinyl shutters can help you save money for other home improvement projects.

Vinyl shutters are easier to maintain and work well in wetter climates. Since they’re made of a plastic-based material, they are easier to clean and less likely to mold or decay in a short amount of time.

Vinyl shutters are lightweight and easy to install. You’ll save more during the installation process as well.

These types of shutters are also very versatile. They can come in a variety of sizes and are a great choice for small openings.

The Disadvantages

While there are many benefits to wooden shutters vs. vinyl shutters, both have their drawbacks.

The Disadvantages of Wooden Shutters

While wooden shutters offer an authentic and timeless look, they come with a hefty price tag. Wooden shutters are one of the priciest materials on the market. The silver lining is that they can boost your home’s worth.

Since wood is an organic material, it’s susceptible to mold, pests, and moisture. If you want them to last, you’ll need to regularly check and clean your wooden shutters.

Then there’s the question of sustainability. Not all wood used for shutters comes from sustainable practices. You may want to research the brand of the wooden shutters you like to ensure they follow sustainable practices.

The Disadvantages of Vinyl Shutters

One of the biggest disadvantages of vinyl shutters is they don’t always look as good as wooden shutters. Depending on the quality of the vinyl, they can look downright bad.

Over time, vinyl shutters warp and crack. Even when well-maintained, they won’t last as long as wooden shutters. When damaged, vinyl shutters will need replacing.

If you have large windows that require large shutters, vinyl won’t cut it. Larger pieces of vinyl will sag and warp as it doesn’t have the strength to hold itself up. Vinyl is best suited for small windows and openings.

The weather can cause vinyl shutters to yellow and stain over time. Compared to most other exterior shutter materials, vinyl has a shorter lifespan.

Tips for Choosing Wooden Shutters Vs. Vinyl Shutters

There’s more to choosing between wooden shutters vs. vinyl shutters than comparing the advantages and disadvantages. Exterior shutter size, style, and climate play important roles in choosing the best shutters for your home.

Shutter Size

The size of your shutters will determine which material will work best. Smaller shutters offer you more options. Both vinyl and wood will work well.

Larger shutters, on the other hand, need more stability and durability which limits your options. Wood is much stronger than vinyl. Large vinyl shutters will warp and sag over a short period.

Your Climate

If you live in a drier climate, almost any material you choose will work fine. Wood will start to rot in wetter climates. You can still use wood for your shutter but will need to keep up regular maintenance.


Finally, select a color and style that fits your home’s decor. Things to consider include the shutter tilt, color, and texture. Older homes look better with traditional blacks and whites while modern homes look good with vibrant blues and reds.

Before you purchase new shutters, take the time to find a style and color that pairs well with your home.

Which Shutter is Better?

When choosing between wooden shutters vs. vinyl shutters, wooden shutters are the better choice. They look authentic and are more durable and versatile than vinyl shutters.

But that’s not to say vinyl is a bad option. There are many great-looking and durable vinyl shutters that will look great on your home.

Do you want to learn more? Let’s get in touch. We’ll help you find the best shutters for your home.



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