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Why Hunter Douglas Shutters? Find The Best Shutters in Edgewater, FL

If you have double-pane windows in Edgewater, FL, about 76% of direct sunlight enters your home as heat. So, how can you keep your home cool? While there are many advantages to using an AC system, it can be costly. Also, there are other more stylish and cost-effective ways to regulate temperature. For example, have you considered Hunter Douglas blinds and shades? Hunter Douglas is known as the best on the market.

They have many types of shades and window treatments. However, knowing where and how to find the best shutters and shades is challenging. Discover today whether Hunter Douglas is right for your home by reading this guide.

Hunter Douglas Blinds in Edgewater, FL

We are the specialist Hunter Douglas distributors in Edgewater, FL. People often consider blinds and shutters as an afterthought. As a result, their types of shutters don’t blend into the overall design. Avoid that mistake by considering these top designs. 

Hunter Douglas Plantation Style Shutters

Unlike standardized shutters, plantation shutters have angled horizontal slates. They will block most of the light when you close them and allow in more light than standard shutters when open. 

In modern homes, plantation shutters with wide slates are popular because they add a contemporary twist to traditional designs. 

Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters

During summer, the temperature in Edgewater, FL, can reach 83°F. Therefore, new shutters that resist cracking, fading, or discoloration by the sun are a wise choice.

Hunter Douglas identified this need and created the Palm Beach Polysating Shutters. They are covered in specialist paint to resist humidity and UV damage.

NewStyle Hybrid Shutters

The NewStyle Hybrid Shutters suit the contemporary and luxury designs of minimalist and modern homes in Hucomer. These Hunter Douglas shutters are made from a hybrid material with a long-lasting polypropylene coating.They are fantastic additions to family homes because they are child-safe and easy to clean.  

Hunter Douglas Shades in Edgewater, FL

The Hunter Douglas collection includes over 4,000 fabric and color combinations. So, you can choose the exact style to match your home. In addition, their patented roller blinds include directional horizontal slates to avoid unevenness.

Blackout Shades 

If you’re desperate for a good night’s sleep, Hunter Douglas blackout shades are the best on the market. With standard blackout shades, clients are left with a halo of light around the edges.

However, Hunter Douglas shades have a patented perimeter LightLock system. It connects the blind to the window via a side mounting system for full coverage. 

Sheers and Solar Shades

Two of the most popular designs in Florida homes are Spanish and Meditteranean. So, Hunter Douglas sheer shades are the perfect match if you have wrought iron detailing, tiles, archways, and landscaped gardens.

Hunter Douglas blinds have a full opaque range of 1 to 15%. The soft and delicate sheers will help stop harmful UV rays without affecting your views.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades 

Although energy prices in Edgewater, FL, are slightly lower than the national average, they are increasing. In addition, research shows that our homes lose 30% of energy through the windows.

However, the Hunter Douglas Duette shade combats energy loss. The Duette is a single honeycomb design that traps air inside. The latest Duette Architella offers a honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design for even more efficiency.

Roman Shades 

Edgewater, FL, is 30 minutes from the highly-rated Ivy Hawn Charter School of the Arts. They have grades from kindergarten upwards. So, if you have young children consider the cordless Hunter Douglas Vignette roman shades.

Roman shades look fantastic in living rooms, reading rooms, and bedrooms. Hunter Douglas Roman shades can fit unique window shapes, including french patio doors. 

Hunter Douglas Systems 

Hunter Douglas shades and blinds are available with different operating systems and designs. You can set your shades manually or at a touch of a button with the sleekest motorized designs. Consider which would be best in your home. 

  • Powerview Automation: Set your window treatments via a remote or an app on your smart device
  • Softtouch Automation: Cordless, battery-powered system with operation wand
  • Top Down Bottom Up: Can operate window solutions from both the bottom and the top, offering more light and privacy settings
  • Vertiglide: For sliding doors
  • Trackglide: For European-style tilt-turn windows
  • Duolite: Includes light filtering fabric and darkening fabric in one
  • Skylift Skylight System: For vertical blinds

Hunter Douglas systems are innovative and they lead the market. You can expect Softtouch automation to last for one year before you need to change the lithium batteries. Remote control and other Hunter Douglas motorized systems last five years. 

Why Choose Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds will add a sense of luxury to any property. You don’t need to get up from the sofa to operate them. Instead, relax and enjoy the greater levels of convenience and comfort.

You can choose between remote-operated or app operating systems. The additional benefit of app-operated motorized blinds is that you can change their setting when you’re not home.

Imagine that you have a pet; you can ensure its safety from soaring temperatures by lowering the blinds remotely. You can also operate multiple blinds and shades at the same time. Motorized blinds are cordless, easy to clean, and durable. 

Choose Hunter Douglas Blinds and Shades 

Hunter Douglas is recognized as the best because they offer unrivaled colors, designs, and operating systems. They have patented the original LightLock system for blackout blinds and roller blinds that don’t roll down askew.

So, if you’re looking for blinds and shades in your home, start with the best. We’re your local Hunter Douglas specialists in Edgewater, FL. So, click to discover your ideal blinds and shades today. 



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