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Shopping New Homes for Sale in Sanford FL? 4 Furnishings You’ll Need

Sanford, FL is seeing quite a bit of new construction this summer. In fact, the area surrounding the Sanford airport is seeing the fastest growth and development in all of Seminole County. The new homes for sale in Sanford FL offer buyers tons of benefits. New construction doesn’t come with the price tag associated with a fixer-upper, for starters. Plus, they tend to appreciate in value at a faster rate than older homes.

That being said, it’s important for buyers to know what their new homes in Sanford, FL may not come with. There are a few furnishings you’ll want to pick up right away to make your new house a home.

Read on to learn more about the top four furnishings you’ll want to purchase ASAP to make your new house into a dream home.

1. Window Blinds and Shades

Did you know that under most circumstances, sellers are expected to leave window treatments behind? The law tends to stipulate that if it’s attached to the house, it comes with the house. If you’ve never purchased a brand new home before, you may expect to find window treatments already installed on move-in day. 

When you’re buying a brand new house, the rules are a little different. Ultimately, builders don’t have to follow the same rules as traditional sellers. Things like window blinds and shades aren’t on their “must include” list.

Talk to your builders to find out about the window treatment situation. If they don’t come with the house, you’re going to want to shop for window treatments right away.

Window treatments are a crucial element of your temperature and lighting control as well as your privacy. You won’t want to go a single day without having them installed. 

The good news is that picking out your own window treatments is actually pretty ideal. Builders may stick you with run-of-the-mill corded blinds whereas you may prefer, for example, motorized blinds and shades. The choice is yours and customization options are available to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

2. A Refridgerator 

Believe it or not, your new construction home may not come with a refrigerator. In fact, some buyers prefer it this way. Many contractors are more than happy to create your dream kitchen complete with appliances–but it may come at a steeper price than necessary.

Of course, you can imagine that if your new home doesn’t come with a fridge, it may be missing other appliances, as well. Why should you prioritize buying a fridge over, say, an oven or washer-dryer set?

There are plenty of appliances that you’ll need in due time to create a fully functional home. A fridge, however, is something that you’re going to need from day one. Fridges are crucial to food safety for a large variety of staples–plus, who doesn’t want a cold drink on moving day?

3. Bedroom Furnishings

Are you planning on replacing your bedroom furnishings when you move into your new home? If so, we recommend picking out your bedroom furniture and having it delivered on move-in day. 

Bedroom furniture tends to take up a ton of space and weight on a moving truck. Moving bigger furniture when you don’t want to keep it is a waste of money and time. Plus, moving new bedroom furnishings into your home right away saves you the hassle of moving them back out down the road.

Of course, you won’t want to forget about the window treatments in your bedroom! We have plenty of options that will help you keep that Florida sunlight out and let you get the rest you need each night. Our blackout shades are a customer favorite for Sanford, FL bedrooms.

4. Paint and Wallpaper

Paint and wallpaper may not be “furnishings,” exactly, but they are home decor choices you’ll want to tackle ASAP. In fact, we recommend choosing paint colors and wallpaper before you reach move-in day. 

New construction in Sanford tends to be built and designed with a neutral color pallet. Nowadays, most construction companies use spray-on wall paint to get the job down quickly and avoid creating texture with brush strokes.

You may be able to customize the paint choices when your builders are still in progress, but you’ll want to weigh your financial options. If your builders do use spray-on wall paint, they may charge extra to paint with different colors in different rooms. This is because they have to clean and prepare their equipment each time they change the color.

Taking care of the painting and wallpaper adhesion yourself or with the help of a contractor can be cost-effective. Getting these beautiful colors and patterns up before you move in is ideal. That way, you don’t have to worry about working around and covering all of your furnishings while you work. 

Let Us Help You Find Window Treatments For New Homes For Sale in Sanford, FL

Are you getting ready to move into one of the many new homes for sale in Sanford, FL? If so, it’s important to prepare for the ways that moving into a new-build property may differ from purchasing an older home. From appliances to paint colors to window treatments, you may end up starting from scratch.

At Florida Blinds & More, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality window treatments and top-notch service at a reasonable price. There’s a reason that we have an A rating from the BBB! To find out more about our pricing, window treatment options, and more, contact us today.



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