how much are plantation shutters

How Much Are Plantation Shutters in Port Orange?

Here in the South, we’re experts on plantation shutters.

They originated in Spain before being adopted here to help keep the heat at bay in big plantation homes before things like air conditioning came around. Today, window shutters offer a classic look to your home, while directing airflow and blocking heat. 

Plantation shutters can be the perfect addition to your Port Orange home. But how much are plantation shutters? Read on to answer all your burning questions about plantation shutters.

How Much Are Plantation Shutters?

The price of plantation shutters varies based on the size of the window or door, and the material chosen. Custom or handmade shutters will naturally set you back more. 

Many companies will charge installation fees that can range from $1000-$4000 depending on the size of your windows. We pride ourselves on keeping our installation free to help eliminate this cost. They’re easy to install so we don’t like passing this cost on to you!

Advantages of Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters as extremely versatile, and go well with almost any pre-existing design and decor in your home. The variety of colors and finishes they are available in make them the perfect chameleon of window treatments.


Plantation shutter louvers can be adjusted to the right angle to allow you to see out while preventing others from seeing in. Furthermore, closing them completely will offer total privacy for your home. 


Closing your shutters will help them act as window sun shades, creating a barrier against the outside weather. 

Quiet airflow 

Opening the window your plantation shutters are set against and adjusting the slats can create a wonderful airflow through your home, without the noise of your air conditioner. 


Shutters have no cords or strings so are a safe option for children and pets. They’re simple and easy to use, making them highly accessible and safe for everyone. 


Fabric drapes are a dust and pollen trap, which can be challenging if anyone in your home suffers from allergies. Plantation shutters are easy to wipe clean of dust, making them an allergy-friendly option

Return on Investment 

Plantation shutters are highly popular, yet timeless window treatments. They become a permanent fixture in your home, adding curb appeal when externally mounted, and making possible buyers more motivated to purchase your home when they see them already installed. 


Plantation shutters are significantly more durable than many other window treatment options and can withstand the test of time. They’re easy to maintain making keeping your shutters looking beautiful year-round a breeze. 

Things to Consider for Your Plantation Shutters

Louver size

While this might seem unimportant, louver size can dramatically change the look of your window shutters. To ensure you get the best return on your investment, it’s key to select shutters that will complement your home.

Wide louvers tend to give a modern look and feel to a room, they let more light in and offer a better view when opened. 

Narrow louvers are the most popular choice, and more closely resemble traditional shutters, which may be something potential buyers of your home will be drawn to.

Internal or External Mounting

The next thing you’ll want to consider is if you want to mount your window shutters internally or externally.  

Deep-set windows typically look best with internally mounted shutters that can sit flush within your window. This provides a clean look and makes adding additional window treatments such as drapes easy. It also allows furniture to be placed closer to the window without the movement of the shutter being obstructed. 

If your windows sit flush with your wall, externally mounted shutters are a better option. 

Panel Selection

If you have smaller windows, it is likely you will only need a single panel of shutters. However, if you have larger windows or your windows vary in shape, you may need multiple panels. 

Unlike traditional blinds or curtains, plantation shutters cannot be rolled up or drawn. If you want to access your window, you’ll open the shutters like you’re opening a cupboard door. 

With a single panel, the panel will swing to the left or right to open them. But, a single panel won’t work for larger windows. As the length of the shutter increases, it will strain the hinges when open, damaging the wall and the shutter over time.

If you use multiple panels, they will open and close like an accordion, with hinges connecting each panel together. This makes it easier to open the shutters without having a single large shutter that protrudes into the room. 

When measuring your window, consider how many panels you want to use. This is something your supplier should also help you with. 


When deciding on the number of panels you will want to use, you should also consider how they will be configured. The configuration of panels refers to how they will open and which way. 

For internally mounted panels, consider the layout of your room and where your furniture is positioned. Avoid having the panels open toward a door, or in a direction that will force you to move your furniture in order to open or close your window shutters.

If you are opting for externally mounted shutters, consider things like garden beds, shrubs, and trees. 

Dividing Rails

Dividing rails can be particularly helpful for large windows, as they allow you to open and close the top and bottom half of your shutters independently.

Initially, this may seem unnecessary, but consider the movement of the sun during the day across your windows. If the sun is high in the sky, you can close the top half of your shutters to block it, while opening the bottom half to let air and light into the room without the glare of the sun. 

It can also be helpful in the evening where you may wish to close the bottom half for privacy but keep the top section open to let light and air through. 

I’m Ready for Some Plantation Shutters 

As plantation shutters offer energy efficiency, durability, light and privacy control, easy maintenance, and safety they’re a great choice for those considering home improvement on a budget. They provide cost savings long after they’re installed, saving you money over time. 

Contact us for a free quote so you can answer the question “how much are plantation shutters?” for your home.



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