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Home Cleaning 101: How to Clean Different Types of Window Shutters in Oak Hill

Are you preparing to do a deep clean of your home? If so, it’s time to get your game plan sorted out.

When deciding to kick your home cleaning into overdrive, it’s important to plan things out ahead of time. This will help ensure you don’t miss anything important while staying time efficient.

It isn’t uncommon for people to thoroughly clean the kitchen, move furniture, and clean ceiling fans, but what about the rest of your home?

In neighborhoods around Oak Hill, having a great-looking home can make you the envy of all your neighbors. When people see all the hard work you’ve taken on to improve your home, they’ll immediately want to improve theirs. 

If you’re jumping into home cleaning, your house’s shutters should be prominent on your to-do list. Cleaning your shutters leaves you with an overall feeling of accomplishment once you finish the job.

Read on below to get a few tips on cleaning your shutters and learn how to make your home sparkle from top to bottom.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have become quite popular in most areas, including Florida. This is largely in part to their ability to keep your home insulated and protected from the heat of the Southern summer while staying cool in the winter. 

One of the most noticeable characteristics of plantation shutters is their wooden louvers. The louvers are slanted, making their appearance more appealing to the eye. This stylish blind is perfect for bringing out the beauty of your home’s interior.

When cleaning your home, you may notice your plantation shutters have gathered a bit of dust. This can be an issue if you don’t clean them often. Build-up on blinds and shutters can cause issues for everyone in the home.

To properly clean your plantation blinds, the first thing you should do is remove as much of the dust as possible. The more often this is done, the more beautiful your shutters will stay.

Feather dusters are great tools to use for plantation shutter cleaning. By paying special attention to each blind, while hitting the sides, bottom, and top you can remove most of the unwanted debris.

After you’ve removed the majority of the dust on your shutters, use a handheld vacuum or vacuum wand to get anything you may have missed. To prevent further issues with dust, wipe your shutters down with a dryer sheet afterward to offer a layer of protection against build-up.

Wooden Shutters

There are several types of wooden shutters to choose from. Some styles are made from repurposed wood, while others are sleek and new. Like plantation shutters, you’ll find slanted louvers to block out unwanted light and keep your home feeling comfortable.

Wooden shutters need regular attention to stay looking their best. Dusting them weekly is often your best option to avoid tons of dusting and longer cleaning times.

When cleaning these types of shutters, using a duster or a microfiber cloth is your best option. Like with similar types of interior shutters, you can clean each blind individually and leave them looking great.

Another tip for keeping your wooden shutters dust-free longer is using a slight bit of furniture polish. By spraying polish on your cleaning towel, you can wipe down the blinds and offer a shine you’ll adore.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are quite common in Oak Hill and all over the world. While the routine cleaning of these shutters is similar to the plantation and wooden shutters, one thing makes life easier for you. Vinyl shutters can be cleaned with a special cleaning solution.

To get the most satisfaction out of a job well done, mix one teaspoon of dish detergent and a quart of water to make your own cleaning solution. With this solution, wet your cleaning cloth and thoroughly wipe each slat. This will get rid of fingerprints and other signs of wear your shutters may be experiencing.

After cleaning your vinyl shutters with this solution, follow up with a plain, wet cloth for rinsing. Paper towels will help you avoid any water spots and avoid issues with debris left behind by your cleaning towels.   

Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior Shutters

When cleaning the outside of your home, the weather is an important factor. Considering all the time you’ll be outside, choosing a comfortable day without rain is your best option. In Oak Hill, nice days happen often, so have your tools ready when they occur.

Most people think cleaning the exterior shutters of their homes requires a pressure washer. This simply isn’t the case. A homeowner can easily clean their shutters without the addition of expensive tools or equipment they can’t afford.

If you’re working with a pressure washer, this process is quicker and less work for you. By simply hooking in your water hose and adding your favorite cleaner you can blast away dirt and grime in a matter of minutes.

Those who don’t own a pressure washer may need to use the old fashion scrub method. Taking a soft brush with an extension allows you to knock down cobwebs and dirt. Once this is finished, proper cleaners, extendable brushes, and your trusted water hose will surely get the job done.

Although it can be a big job to take on, cleaning your home’s exterior is possible. Before taking on any job though, have all your cleaning supplies and tools at the ready.

Kick-Off Your Home Cleaning With Great Shutters

Home cleaning truly begins by choosing the best things for your home. Having the right shutters and window coverings is the perfect place to start.

If you’re looking for beautiful shutters, blinds, and window coverings in Oak Hill contact us to learn more about our products and schedule your free estimate.



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