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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Treatments in Daytona Beach

You can expect most windows to last an average of 20 years, especially if you take good care of them. But what about your window treatments?

When it comes to blinds and shutters, there’s no average lifespan. Instead, you’ll need to keep an eye out for signs that the time for replacing blinds and shutters has arrived.

In Daytona Beach, quality window treatments are crucial. How do you know if it’s time for a replacement?

Read on for seven tell-tale signs that you need to replace your blinds or shutters.

1. Your Blinds and Shutters Aren’t Filtering Enough Light

In the Sunshine State, we must have control over our daily exposure to UV rays. Unfortunately, overexposure to the sun can lead to serious health problems, and that exposure doesn’t necessarily stop when we head indoors.

Your blinds and shutters should help you filter out UV rays when you need them to. (They should also provide adequate privacy at night.) If your blinds and shutters won’t close properly, don’t fit your windows, and aren’t filtering out enough light, it’s time for an upgrade.  

2. You Have Warped Blind Slats

Over time, there are several reasons that the slats of your blinds may warp or bend. High humidity can cause wood blinds to warp. Pets, kids, and improper handling can cause plastic blinds to warp, bend, and even break. 

Warped blinds are no longer as effective as they should be. Warping makes it harder to turn and raise your blinds and it lowers your ability to filter out light. If your blinds are warped or bent, it’s time for a window blind replacement. 

3. You Can’t Open or Close Your Window Treatments

You try to raise your blinds but the cords won’t budge. You want to close your shutters but the hinges won’t give. Now what?

Trying to force your window treatments to open or close isn’t the right solution. Chances are, doing so will cause further damage. Instead, replace your window treatments when they become so stuck that you can no longer move them. 

(Note that even if your window treatments are becoming difficult to open or close, it’s time for a replacement. When you can’t open or close your blinds or shutters with ease, there’s a good chance that they are going to break soon. They may also present a safety hazard if they are prone to falling or snapping.)

4. Your Blinds or Shutters Show Discoloration

Your blinds and shutters will eventually start to fade from sun exposure. Depending on the material, you may begin to notice a yellowish hue taking over the outer-facing components of your window treatments. While this doesn’t necessarily affect the function of your window treatments, it does affect the aesthetic.

Newer window treatments are designed with more UV protection than the window treatments of the past. Not only will new window treatments improve the aesthetic of your home but they’ll also last longer than they used to.

5. Your Window Treatments Aren’t Childproof

Unfortunately, blinds with long, hanging cords can present a hazard to children and even pets. When your blind cords aren’t kept out of reach, they can become a strangulation concern. 

Tying the cords so that they’re out of reach makes for a decent temporary solution. However, when you tie up long blind cords, they’re more likely to tangle, fray, or break under uneven pressure distribution. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of options for parents that are risk-free. Cordless blinds are a great choice to protect your family without sacrificing the aesthetic, shade, and privacy you need for your home. Indoor shutters also present a great alternative to traditional, corded blinds.

6. Your Window Treatments Are Out of Style

Just like fashion, interior design changes over the years. Once upon a time, window treatments made in shades of maroon or rollers made of materials like velvet were extremely popular. Now, most homeowners prefer a sleek, modern look for their window treatments.

If your home still has the window treatments it came with when you purchased it, it may be time for an upgrade. Doing something as simple as replacing your blinds and shutters can give your home an updated look without costing a fortune.

If you’re ready for a cost-effective home makeover, consider starting with window blind replacement or window shutter replacement.

7. You Installed New Windows

Maybe your windows hit that 20-year mark recently and you decided it was time for new windows. However, you may have decided to keep your old window treatments in the hopes that they would work. 

Chances are, your new window treatments don’t look as good as your new windows. Worst still, they may not fit the measurements or depth of your new windows. Why not make the most of your upgrade by replacing your window treatments, too?

Upgrading your window treatments can give your home a more complete look after replacing your windows. New window treatments can also improve the energy efficiency that your new windows provide. Keep the conditioned air in and the outdoor air out with new and improved blinds and shutters.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Window Treatments in Daytona Beach

Windows are like the eyes of your home–they reveal character, quality, and soul! Make sure your blinds and shutters do your home justice by keeping them updated and safe. If any of these signs sound familiar, it means that you need new window treatments today.

Are you looking for high-quality window treatment options in Daytona Beach? Flordia Blinds & More was voted best in Central Florida for a reason. We offer great window treatment and service options for an affordable price.

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