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7 Tips on Choosing Blackout Shades for Homeowners in Daytona Beach

Darkness is essential if you want high-quality sleep. If you have too much light exposure, it can alter your internal sleep clock and lower your melanin production. One thing that can help you improve your sleep quality is investing in blackout shades! However, these types of shades can be a big investment as a homeowner, so it is important that you carefully research your options. Do you need help choosing blackout shades for homeowners in Daytona Beach?

Keep reading this guide for the top seven tips you should follow to improve your blackout shade shopping strategy. 

1. Consider the Style of Shade

One of the first things you must consider when choosing blackout shades is the style of shade. 

The most common types of shades you can choose from are roller, cellular, roman, and Venetian shades. Each of these styles differs in appearance, function, and more. When you consider the style of shade you want, make sure you find one that is easy to operate, blocks light well, and is energy efficient

2. Understand Different Blackout Tones

Next, you must consider the different blackout tones available. While you may think that blackout shades are all the same, they actually come in many different colors and tones!

One of the best options to improve your sleep is a blackout shade that has a blue undertone. Not only will this help you block out the light from your space, but blue is a naturally calming color that is known to improve the quality of sleep. 

Learning more about the different blackout tones available can help you feel more rested when you wake up. 

3. Find a Reliable Blackout Shade Provider

It is also essential that you find a reliable blackout shade provider. Because there are so many brands you can work with, you need to research your options to ensure that you get a high-quality product. 

One way you can do this is by learning more about the brand’s reputation. For example, reading online customer reviews can help you learn more about the quality of the product a brand sells and can help you avoid working with unprofessional or unreliable companies. 

4. Set a Blackout Shade Budget

The price for blackout shades can range greatly, so it is important that you set a blackout shade budget before you start shopping. 

Some things that will impact the price of your blackout shades are the size of the shade, the shape of your window, the style of the shade you buy, and more. 

Once you set a budget, you can get pricing estimates from several different window treatment companies. This way, you will be able to shop around for the best-priced window shades and it will be easier for you to plan for and budget for your home improvement. 

5. Consider Other Features

While blackout shades are meant to block light from your windows, many different types of shades offer additional features. 

For example, your blackout shades may be able to improve the energy efficiency of your home. This is because it blocks sunshine and UV rays and prevents them from heating up your space. 

Having these types of shades will make it easier to regulate the temperature of your home and can lower your energy bills!

You may even be able to find blackout curtains that reduce noise. This is a great option if you live on a busy road or in a big city. Getting blackout shades made from thicker materials will dampen the noise and provide you with a quieter space. 

6. Consider Where You Are Installing Your Shades

Another important tip to follow when choosing blackout shades is to consider the type of space where you will be installing them. While blackout shades are most often used in bedrooms to block out light and make it easier to sleep, they can be used all around your home. 

For example, you can use blackout shades in a home theater or in any room that has a TV. This way, you can block out the sunlight and prevent the sun from glaring on your TV while you watch it. 

Understanding where your shades will be installed will help you decide what types of shades to buy. For example, you may choose to buy light filtering shades instead of room darkening shades if you are using them in the living area of your home. 

This way, some light will still be able to come through and provide a soft glow in your home while still providing privacy. 

7. Ask About Customization

Finally, you may want to learn more about customization options when you are purchasing blackout shades for your home. You can buy blackout shades in many styles, colors, prints, and fabrics. 

This makes it easy to find shades that are customized to fit your style preferences and needs. 

You may also need to find a blackout shade provider that offers custom sizes for their shades. If you have windows that are larger than normal or smaller than normal, these custom shades will work for you when standard sizes don’t fit your windows. 

Need Help Choosing Blackout Shades in Daytona Beach? 

When you are investing in blackout shades for your home, it is essential that you learn more about the different types of blackout shades on the market. Following each of these tips can help you learn more about your options and can make choosing blackout shades easier. 

If you need a blackout shade provider in Daytona Beach, Florida Blinds & More can help! We offer many different types of blackout shades and can help you find the right option for your home. 

Contact us to get a free estimate for your shades!



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