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5 Types of Port Orange, Florida Indoor Shutters Explained

Keep your Florida home cool in the hot summers with indoor shutters. Reduce radiant heat coming through your windows by up to 50 percent.

Quality indoor shutters can block sunlight, stopping heat building up in your home. Shutters can eliminate unwanted sunlight completely. Your electricity bills will go down once you install shutters.

Once you decide you want interior shutters, it’s time to consider the wide variety of options you have. There are many different types of window shutters. You have choices about the material you use and the style you want.

We’ve picked out 5 styles of indoor shutters here. We’ve also given you a brief rundown on the options you have for materials. Read on to learn more so that you can make the perfect choice for your Port Orange home.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters feature louvers. The movable slats that are the main feature of plantation shutters are called louvers. Louvers allow people to open and close the shutters to allow more or less light, heat, and air through.

Plantation shutters typically feature wider louvers. They are usually 3.5 to 4.5 inches wide. Because of their good heat and light-blocking potential, they are most popular in the South and West.

The wide louvers are also easy to clean. You can even use a vacuum to remove dust.

The popularity of plantation shutters is based on their visual appeal. These shutters are the classic look. When made of basswood and stained to match your home, they add a timelessness to your home that will be the envy of all.

Shaker Style Shutters

Shaker style shutters are completely different from plantation shutters. Based on the simple look of Shaker design, they are solid panels rather than louvered.

The fact that they do not have louvers means they block all light and heat when closed. If you need a room to be dark then Shaker shutters should be high on your list.

The Shaker look features rectangular shapes and recessed panels. They are simple and beautiful and work well with many different home styles and designs.

Shaker style shutters also provide more home security. There’s no gaps and you don’t need to remember to close the louvers before leaving.

Cafe Style Shutters

Named after classic French cafés, these shutters are louvered, but only cover the bottom half of the window.

They allow more light to come through the windows but still offer privacy to you and your family. Their stylish appearance works well with bay windows and homes finished in a European look.

If you’re a fan of drapes, these are the shutters to have. They pair well with drapes, which soften the shutter’s appearance. This combination is elegant and refined.

Tier-on-Tier Indoor Shutters

These functional shutters combine the benefits of the cafe-style shutter with more traditional full-panel shutters. Tier-on-tier shutters feature two (or more) sets of shutters above each other to cover the whole window.

The split shutters allow you more options. You can close or open each shutter to allow light into the room. This means you can adjust the amount of light coming through at any time of the day.

If you have window A/C units, tier-on-tier shutters are a great choice. You can keep the top parts closed while the lower shutters are open to accommodate the A/C unit.

Tier-on-tier shutters are usually louvered but you can combine solid panels with louvers, too. They are the most flexible option for indoor shutters on the market.

Tracked Shutters

If you have large windows or patio doors in your home, tracked shutters might be an option. These shutters slide along a track system rather than opening in and out. They either fold back in a concertina or slide past the window along the wall.

You can pick from louvers or solid panels for these shutters.

They offer complete control over how much of the shutter is open or closed. You can choose how far to slide the shutter. So, if you want privacy in one part of the room you can slide the shutter back a little bit but still let light in.

Types of Materials to Consider

No matter which style you prefer, you’ll also need to think about the most appropriate material. Wood, vinyl, and composite are the three most common options.

Wood is the most common and traditional material for shutters. Basswood is great for interior shutters. You can customize them with stains and paints to suit your home’s style.

Vinyl shutters are cheaper. They are also lightweight. They don’t have the longevity of wood shutters, though.

Composite shutters are growing in popularity. They look like wood but they don’t rot and are mold resistant. In humid conditions like ours in Port Orange, Florida, composite can be a great choice.

Add Indoor Shutters to Your Home

Shutters are a great way to control heat and light in your home. We recommend them for our local climate and weather. With so many options you can find the perfect look for your home no matter what style you have.

Block all the light, allow it to come through as you need it, or mix and match depending on the room. If your windows are an unusual shape and size, you can always look into custom shutters, too.

Whatever your preference, we’re here to help. We have years of experience installing shutters in homes. Our expert team can get you on the path to the right shutters for you.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services. One of our dedicated team members will be ready to help you and answer any questions you might have about indoor shutters.



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