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4 Ways Your Palm Coast, FL Home Can Benefit From Plantation Shutters

It’s the middle of the summer in Florida and it’s so hot, you have no choice but to be inside. Which room are you going to hole up in, the one with big windows that have no shades? Or the one that doesn’t have the radiant heat of natural light? The second one, right? Well, what if you could get window coverings that made every house in your home summer-friendly? You can! Learn about how buying shutters can keep your home cool and increase its value below.

What are Plantation Shutters?

You’ve seen plantation shutters before. You just may not have known what to call what you were looking at.

Plantation shutters are made of wood, vinyl, or other man-made materials and fit into the inside of your home’s windows. They usually open from the middle, splitting the shutters into two sides.

Instead of pulling a string to open and shut them, plantation shutters have a stick or rod of some sort (usually) down the middle of each window pane covering.

The shutters themselves have slats that open and close to let light in, without you needing to open the shutters all the way.

What are the Benefits of Plantation Shutters, In Particular?

When you’re buying shutters in Florida, you have many choices. If you have the budget, we’d recommend plantation shutters.

Here’s why.

1. They’re Great for Insulation

Since you live on the Palm Coast, you’re no stranger to heat. You know how hot a room can get in the afternoon if you let the sunshine in – and how your home is your main escape from the heat and humidity outside.

You also know, then how much air conditioning costs in the summer in Florida. It’s impossible to keep the thermostat above 75 degrees, even at night.

Fans can only do so much! And if you have old-school plastic or metal blinds, you know that they don’t do much to keep the heat where it belongs – outside.

Want to change that? Buying shutters that custom fit to your windows can – and will – keep your home cooler.

How Plantation Shutters Help Cool Your Home

Think about it this way. Imagine you’re outside somewhere that it gets cold. What’s going to keep you warmer? A jacket that is one-size-fits-all and has gaps at the side where the cold can get in?

Or a jacket that’s custom fit to your body and lets in as little cold air as possible?

The second one, right? That’s the difference between the window treatments your home came with and installing plantation shutters in Florida.

Our team will custom fit your plantation shutters to your window to act not only as an aesthetic feature but also as another level of insulation and protection from the Florida heat.

It’s not uncommon for your blinds to pay for themselves in utility savings mere years after installation.

And with the utility prices, we have in Flager and St. Johns’ county- who couldn’t use some savings?

Better Insulation as a Home Selling Point

Should you decide to leave the Palm Coast and sell your home, the investment you put into bettering the insulation of your home can make you money.

Not only will the shutters be a visual selling point for buyers (more on that later), but the promises of lower utility bills will bring your home to the top of everyone’s list.

2. They’re Beautiful, Classic, and Sophisticated

We’ve all seen those metal short-slat blinds that pull up and down with a cheap vinyl string. They’re messy, hard to clean, and can bend out of shape if you even look at them wrong.

Those shutters are used in low-cost projects and are better left to the motels on the side of A1 and to student housing.

These blinds are an eyesore and you’re better off getting rid of them altogether if you want to sell your home.

Think that curtains are more appealing? Think again. Your interior design style isn’t the same as anyone else’s and it’s unlikely that your home buyer will want to keep the same design scheme when they move in.

Fabric curtains are also ineffective at insulation unless you get very heavy material, which then doesn’t let in any light.

Plantation shutters, on the other hand, look classy with any kind of decor. They come in multiple materials and colors.

Our team can even match them to the color of your window trim!

Not only do they look good on the inside, but they make your home look classy on the outside, as well.

And since the shades sit so tightly in your window, they’re an extra deterrent to any criminals, reducing the risk of your windows as a weak spot in the security of your home.

3. They’re Easy to Clean

Unlike those metal blinds that bend and break, plantation shutters come in wood or vinyl designs. Wood takes more maintenance but will last longer.

Vinyl designs are great for areas with high humidity, such as the Palm Coast (or anywhere else in Florida).

Each material has its pros and cons, but neither are as hard to clean as hanging vertical slat blinds (that are continually falling off) or the metal blinds discussed above.

4. They May Help With Hurricane Protection

While our indoor plantation shutters are not a replacement for true hurricane shutters, they can act as a level of protection in a big storm.

If your home glass shatters, it will hit the blinds first, before it goes streaming into your home.

Their insulation properties also come in handy during hurricane season, especially when the power goes out! Anything that can help keep you and your family cool while you’re holed up inside is worth the investment!

Buying Shutters: Where to Start

The best way to start buying shutters for your Palm Coast home is by calling a blind and window covering specialist. They can give you personalized consultation, measuring your windows, and giving you specialized advice.

Want to start your shutter buying process and get on your way to making your home cooler and more beautiful?

Schedule a consultation with us today!



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