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Why You Need Hunter Douglas Window Treatments in Flagler Beach Homes

Are you completely swamped with choices of window treatments for your Flagler Beach house in Florida?

With so many options out there, how do you know which ones are best for you? You want premium quality with the perfect balance of style, practicality, and durability to withstand the coastal elements.

In that case, we can tell you that Hunter Douglas window treatments could be your solution. Keep reading to find out why you need Hunter Douglas window treatments for your home.

What Are Hunter Douglas Window Treatments?

If you have an idea of what kind of window covering you want but you’re not sure which company to trust, you can’t go wrong with Hunter Douglas. They are one of the world’s leading window covering manufacturers for a reason.

They have a presence in 100 countries around the world with a revenue of $3.5 billion, so they must be doing something right! They are constantly innovating their products, and they offer state-of-the-art versions of traditional classics as described here.


Hunter Douglas shades have gone a step better than the traditional single panel shades. Their shades collections include Sheers shades, honeycomb shades, Roman, roller, and solar shades. This is the best choice of shades for your Flagler beach house in Florida.


Horizontal and vertical blinds have developed a lot over the years. Hunter Douglas has created innovative blind solutions with excellent performance. Blinds are now much easier to use and are available in cordless and automated options.


As the classic Florida beach house style, shutters are often a popular choice in Flagler Beach. They are durable and easy to clean – perfect for bathrooms and kids’ playrooms or bedrooms. Custom shapes, designs, and sizes make these Hunter Douglas window treatments a smart choice. 


The premium Hunter Douglas drapes are a stylish accompaniment to the many blind and shade options. They help to soften a room and provide individual flair in any Florida home. Specially manufactured fabrics offer UV protection from the summer sun, keeping your home cool.

Benefits of Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

So what makes Hunter Douglas window treatments so special? Many Flagler Beach homeowners are discovering the benefits of their innovative designs and great customer service.

Here are some of the reasons people are choosing Hunter Douglas window treatments and loving the results. 

You Can Choose Custom Window Coverings

In the past, you may have found the window covering design but had to compromise on color or fabric. With Hunter Douglas, you choose from 2,400 different fabrics to match your existing decor perfectly. 

Each fabric is manufactured to match the performance of the window treatment design. The stylish fabrics will protect your home from UV rays and offer excellent light control and energy efficiency.

Enjoy the Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee

When a company offers a lifetime guarantee, you know you’ve chosen a great quality product. Hunter Douglas’s guarantee on their window coverings means they will take responsibility for any defective products.

This covers every aspect of the window treatment system from internal components to materials. You won’t find this kind of guarantee with just any window treatment company.

Get Energy Efficient Window Coverings

The majority of a home’s heat is lost and gained through the windows and doors. By opting for energy-efficient window coverings such as the Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades, you’ll be saving on your energy bills all year round.

Shade your home from the intense summer sun and keep the heat in during the winter months. You can also save money with rebates on select energy-efficient products every month. 

Fabric Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

As a Flagler Beach homeowner, you probably appreciate the beauty of the ocean. Now you can help the ocean remain beautiful with your choice of window covering.

Hunter Douglas has worked with Bionic® and developed an innovative way to use marine and coastal plastic in their new Sea-Tex fabrics. You can have designer screen shades in your home that provide great privacy, UV protection, and control glare – made from ocean plastic.

Enjoy Your View and Your Privacy

You can opt for the “top-down bottom-up” system for ultimate versatility. You can choose the amount of view, light, and privacy you want at any time of day or night. Pull the bottom of the blinds up or pull the tops down to find the perfect positions.

User-Friendly Automatic Blinds

With the increasing popularity of home automation, more homeowners are realizing the benefits of controlling facilities in your home from your phone or remote control.

Hunter Douglas Powerview automated shades are fast becoming one of the most popular choices. Make life easier and have full control of the light and shade in your home from your device without having to leave the sofa.

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments Offer Total Light Control

With Hunter Douglas blinds, you have more options than just open or closed. They offer a variety of designs that control the light in many ways to suit your preference.

Take light control to a whole new level with the Silhouette range. These shades diffuse the light penetrating your windows without blocking the outside view.

Child-Safe and Durable Window Coverings

It’s understandable that you have second thoughts about choosing blinds and shades over drapes if you have children. Dangling cords and pulleys can cause unnecessary safety risks. 

With a number of cordless and automated window treatment systems available, Hunter Douglas can help you choose a child-safe system for your home. Their fabrics are also extremely durable and will stand the test of time in a family home.

Find the Perfect Window Treatments for Your Flagler Beach Home in Florida

Choosing the best blinds is easy with Hunter Douglas window treatments. Their top-quality window coverings are available in an array of designs and fabrics. From fully customized shutters to automated shades and energy-efficient blinds, you’ll find the perfect ones to suit your home. 

Learn more about Florida window treatments in our other blog posts. Get in touch to find out how we can help you choose your Hunter Douglas window treatment today.



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