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The Top 8 Most-Wanted Window Treatment Trends in Flagler Beach for 2020

Anyone who knows home decorating will tell you that changing your window treatments is one of the easiest ways to update your home’s style. Give your home a facelift today by installing new blinds or curtains throughout your home. 

There are so many types of window treatments you can choose from. Check out this list of the top 8 window treatment trends for Flagler Beach, Florida. 

Motorized Curtains and Blinds

Bring high-tech gadgets into your home by adding motorized curtains or blinds. These advanced window treatments can be activated via remote control, a wall switch, your smartphone, or voice assistant technology. 

Motorized curtains or blinds come in a variety of styles to match the decor of your home. They can even be automated to open and close on a specific schedule. Your blinds can also open and shut when you are away on vacation to deter home burglaries. 

Motorized blinds or curtains are the perfect solutions for people with mobility issues who may have trouble opening or closing the blinds. 

Rattan Blinds

Rattan Blinds are the quintessential Florida blinds. They pair nicely with wicker furniture and tropical-inspired homes. 

To embrace this trend, add a textured rattan or bamboo shade to your home. There are dozens of colors and weave patterns available to choose from. Some rattan shades can be a bit see-through so you may want to add a liner to the shade in the bedroom. 

The liner will fully block light and visibility from the outside of the home while keeping the same look. Adding a curtain over your rattan blind window treatments can add softness and elegance too.

Coastal Patterned Curtains

One of the best window treatments in a Florida home is the classic coastal patterned curtain. Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year pair is Classic blue which pairs perfectly with coastal decor. Try curtains in fresh greens, beachy pastels, or bright yellows. Use patterned throw pillows to tie the curtains in with the rest of the room. 

These curtains are designed to keep out bright light and protect your privacy while adding a cherry pop of color to the room. They look perfect in a master bedroom, living room, or even a formal dining room. 

Wide Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a window treatment that offers classic design and elegance. During the antebellum south, shutters were left open to cool the homes. Today homeowners in Florida can still capture the ocean breeze to help cool their homes. 

This wide style of thick blind also helps your house cooled down when they are closed. They are great insulators and keep the cool air inside. 

Plus, plantation shutters are simple to clean. Most are made fro wood or vinyl and can be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth. Vinyl shutters that look like wood are a great choice for high humidity Flagler Beach homes and they still have the same look and elegance of wood. 

Breezy Sheer Shades

Another one of our favorite window treatment ideas is a simple sheer shade. You’ve seen those gauzy panels that float with the wind and make your room look so light and airy. They invite the light in while still keeping the homeowner’s privacy.

They come in a variety of shades from crispy white to sage green or even chocolate brown. Swag sheer curtains over the top of your curtains for extra flair. They can also be layered under regular curtain panels for an extra stylish look on a double curtain rod system.

Attach tie backs to either side to hold back your sheers in place. Neatly pleat your sheers and keep them bound with a tassel rope or a piece of fabric. 

Light Linen Panels

Natural linen curtains filter the sunlight with a unique style. These lightweight curtains are a bit heavier than sheers and offer more privacy while still keeping with the light and airy look. 

Linen curtains come in many different colors and woven patterns. They have a decorative texture to them that other curtain fabrics do not offer. 

These curtains pair nicely with modern, coastal, tropical, or traditional styled homes. Allow them to pool at the floor for an extra romantic look or hang them a bit higher to make your walls appear to be taller than they are. 

Many linen curtains are also environmentally friendly. Ask your retailer for low-emission fabrics to keep your home’s carbon impact low. 

Blackout Blinds

One reason why many people can’t fall asleep is excess light coming in through the windows. If the light keeps you up at night then perhaps you should consider installing blackout blinds. 

Blackout blinds can help keep light and sound out of your bedroom and make it easier to fall asleep. 

They are also easy to install in any room. As long as the blinds are properly fitted you can add them to your study, living room, or bedroom. Blackout blinds also help reduce energy costs by 25% making them a real cost-saver for your budget. 

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are another great option for homeowners who want to reduce their energy bills. Vertical blinds hang from the ceiling to the floor and can be moved to a side of the window of split down the middle and moved to both sides. 

Vertical blinds are an excellent option for larger windows or glass doors leading out to the patio. These sturdy blind stack on top of each other to provide privacy and keep out the light and heat. 

Tailor your vertical blinds to the size of your windows for a proper fit. You can also adjust how much light you want to come in through the windows by turning the blinds. 

The Latest Window Treatment Trends

We hope you enjoyed this look at the latest window treatment trends for Flagler Beach, Florida.  

It’s our goal to provide our customers with high-quality blinds, shutters, and shades at affordable prices throughout Florida. 

Right now, we invited you to contact us with any questions you may have about window treatments for your home or give us a call if you’re ready to update your homes look with new window treatments.



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