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The Average Cost of Motorized Shades: A Guide For Bunnell, FL

Are you looking for ways to make your home more energy-efficient? Are you tired of having those manual shades cause the temperature in your house to skyrocket? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about motorized shades.

Motorized window blinds allow you to control the natural lighting in your house from the comfort of your couch, car, etc. But what does it take to find these? What is the cost of motorized shades and their installation? 

See below for an in-depth guide on everything that you will need to know regarding motorized shades in Bunnell, FL.

What is the Cost of Motorized Shades?

As you might imagine, there isn’t one all-encompassing answer to this question. There are many different factors to consider when you purchase motorized shades for your Bunnell, FL property, such as:

  • The brand of the motorized window blinds
  • The size of the windows you wish to install them on
  • How many windows are in your house (or how many you want them installed on)
  • The type of motor that your shades are made of
  • The cost of installation
  • What the motorized window blinds are made of 

If you’re curious what the price of your motorized treatments will be, then reach out to us and receive a FREE estimate. You’ll have the motorized blinds that you’ve always wanted in no time at all.

That said, you can expect your motorized window blinds to run anywhere from $300 to $600 depending on the factors we listed above.

The important thing is to think long-term. This is an investment for your Bunnell, FL house, and one that will pay off quite handsomely!

With motorized window blinds, you’ll be able to cut the cost of your monthly energy bills. They will start paying for themselves in no time at all.

How to Find the Best Motorized Blinds Company

Like we just mentioned, this is an investment. The same way that you’d invest in a renovated kitchen or install a new porch on the front of your home. 

You aren’t just going to hire anyone to perform those projects; you want to make sure that you’re lined up with the best local service for your needs. Why do any differently for the motorized window blinds you’re looking into?

But how do you know when you’ve found a trusted motorized blinds company? First, you should request a quote for your project. Are they willing to come to take a look at your property for free? Are they going to bring samples to show you all of your options?

If you’re concerned about the cost of motorized shades, then be sure to read up on the company’s online reviews. Previous customers won’t shy away from telling the truth. They’ll let you know whether the service is worth the investment or not.

You should also look for companies that will help you cut costs where they can. Here at Florida Blinds & More, we offer a free installation of your motorized blinds. That way, we can ensure they were installed properly and will help you get the highest return on your investment.

The Benefits of Motorized Shades in Bunnell, FL

At this point in the article, you’ve probably noticed a few benefits of motorized window blinds. See below for even more insight on how many perks they can offer.

Energy-Efficient Home

Natural light is important. It can help you avoid turning on the lights in your house for most of the day, as well as improve your overall physical and mental health.

That said, it comes with a caveat: the constant sunlight can take a toll on your air conditioner during the warmer months. It will cause the temperature in your house to climb, forcing the AC to exert extra energy.

With motorized shades, you have the power to give your AC more relief. With the push of a button, you can close the shades and cut the costs of next month’s energy bill.

Lifetime Warranty

As if a free professional installation wasn’t enough, you also gain access to a lifetime warranty when you purchase motorized blinds through us. 

We want to make sure you get an incredible return on your investment. As Bunnell residents well know, you can never have too many sun-blocking features on your home. It’s the only way to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your household. 

Buying motorized shades from us is the way to go. We go above and beyond to ensure you get the best value.

Enhanced Privacy

Nobody likes a peeping Tom. Neighbors are nosey, and they’re always curious to know what’s going on inside your safe haven. 

Motorized shades can help you control the privacy of your home. You can have them open and close at different times of the day to ensure you, your spouse, and your kids aren’t being spied on.

This can also help ward off burglars. The frequent movement of your blinds will give off the appearance that someone is home. Burglars aren’t willing to risk breaking into a home that might have residents inside. 

Get a Higher ROI on the Cost of Motorized Shades in Bunnell, FL

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the average cost of motorized shades in Bunnell, FL, it’s time to schedule a free quote for your project.

Take the time to read this article for more information on the 10 types of interior window shades that you should consider for your Florida home. To get started, just call us directly at 386-317-1485 and we will be happy to assist you further.



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