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Motorized Shades: Perfect Solution for High Windows in Longwood

Smart window coverings for high windows can help you reduce heat gain by 77%.

You can control motorized shades with an app—or even with your voice. You can also set them up to run on a customized schedule.

Keep reading to learn more about how motorized shades are the perfect solution if you have high windows in your Longwood, FL home.

Why Choose Motorized Shades for High Windows and Obstructions?

Longwood, FL residents have a heightened challenge when it comes to dealing with heat. You may have specialty tall windows, vaulted ceilings, or skylights in your Longwood home. Alternatively, you may have furniture or other obstructions blocking access to windows in your home.

It might seem easier to skip covering them altogether. Any high window treatments you use will be hard to install and operate.

However, you run the risk of letting outside air in and overworking your AC without proper window treatments. Also, harmful UV rays will damage flooring and furniture over time. Even worse, you won’t enjoy the same amount of window privacy as you would if you were to install window coverings.

The Perks of Motorized Shades

Motorized shades are a popular choice among homeowners with high windows. You can use them to raise and lower your shades all at once.

Contemporary motorized shades are sleek looking and easy to use. They also add an upscale look to your home. Also, you can customize them with various power sources and controllers.


Motorized shades have their advantages. They’ll work in any home. You can choose almost any kind of motorized shade or blind, whether vertical or horizontal.

You don’t have to adjust motorized shades manually. As a result, they’re convenient for homeowners with limited mobility.

In addition, motorized shades are an excellent choice for large windows. They can make easy work of opening shades or blinds on large windows that would otherwise prove challenging to operate.

You can order motorized shades for hard-to-reach windows in your kitchen, living room, or office. Once installed, all that’s needed is a touch to adjust them as desired.


Raising blinds by hand can prove frustrating. Sometimes, you end up with an unsightly bunch of blinds on one side of your window.

Also, shades can get tricky when opening them manually. Sometimes, it takes several tries.

You can concern yourself less with human error with motorized shades and blinds. You won’t have to deal with unevenly raised blinds or jammed shades as often. You’ll also have more control over natural lighting and privacy with motorized shades.

Types of Motorized Window Coverings

Primarily, there are two kinds of motorized window coverings—motorized lift and motorized tilt. They work similarly. However, your choice of motor will depend on the type of window covering.

A motorized lift is for shades. Meanwhile, motorized tilt is for blinds. It also allows you to raise blinds completely.

You can use motorized tilt with slatted blinds, even if they’re made of wood or aluminum. Adding a motor makes it easy to use any kind of blind.

Powering Motorized Window Coverings

You can also choose how to move your blinds. The way blinds move depends on the power source.

There are three options to power motorized shades and blinds. These options include:

  • Battery power
  • Electric
  • Solar power

Sometimes, a homeowner may even choose to hardwire their motorized blinds, although this practice isn’t common.

Customized Control Options

You could also control your blinds in different ways. These options include:

  • Programmable timer
  • Remote
  • Wall switch

With a remote, for instance, you can control your blinds from anywhere in the room. You could also use a smartphone app and combine several of these control methods.

Smart Blinds for Your Longwood Home

Smart blinds work using an app to integrate with your smart home. Some work with voice-controlled assistants. All you need is a smart home app to customize your smart blinds or shades perfectly.

You might use the smartphone app to control several window coverings from anywhere. You can also sync your shades or blinds with other smart products in your home.

As an example, you could sync your blinds with your thermostat. If your home gets too warm, you could program your motorized blinds to close and the AC to cool things down.

You could also program your motorized blinds to open and close at specific times. Smart blinds give you a convenient way to control your motorized shades or blinds, even if you’re not home.

Don’t Wait: Upgrade Your Longwood, FL Home Today

Motorized shades aren’t just a luxury. They make it easy to illuminate your home.

They’ll also give you control and flexibility that was previously unobtainable with high windows. Motorized blinds will also brighten moods in rooms.

Yet, motorized blinds are only as good as the installer. Luckily, we know the perfect installer—and we’ll even do the installation for free.

Florida’s Premier Window Coverings Provider

Now you know a bit more about motorized shades for high windows for your Longwood, FL home.

Florida Blinds and More is your source for elite-quality window coverings. We provide our Florida customers with high-quality blinds, shades, and shutters at affordable prices.

Also, we take pride in our installations. It shows in every project we deliver, regardless of size or difficulty.

Feel free to learn more about our motorized blinds and shades.



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