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7 Benefits of Roller Shades for Homeowners in Daytona Beach, FL

The views from your picturesque windows may be beautiful, but what do you do when you want to block them out?

What’s your plan for preserving privacy throughout your Daytona Beach home?

Consider window treatments in the form of roller shades. If you’re not yet sold on them, read on to discover the various benefits of roller shades in Daytona Beach.

1. Easy to Maintain

Do you dread the thought of cleaning and dusting vertical blinds?

If the upkeep of your window treatments has you worried, you would greatly benefit from the easy nature of roller shade maintenance.

Whether you choose fabric or vinyl material, your roller shades are in one solid piece. This means you can easily clean them with the swipe of a cleaning cloth or a duster. There’s no need to painstakingly dust and clean small strips of vinyl.

Also, you can take comfort in the fact that typically, roller shades don’t gather dust or dirt as quickly as other types of window treatments. Depending on your environment, you can plan to space out your dusting and cleaning routine.

2. Easy to Use

Are you hoping for hassle-free window treatments for your Daytona Beach home?

If so, roller shades are your best option. Their minimalist style leaves nothing to the imagination in terms of use.

You roll them up when you want to open your windows or just let the daylight inside. Then, you roll them down with a simple pull of a chain or a flick of a switch.

Roller shades can be customized to meet your needs. Therefore, if you’re not happy with manual shades that can be pulled down by hand, you can opt for automatic shades instead.

3. Complement Any Décor

What is your version of a tastefully-decorated Daytona Beach home?

No matter your preferred indoor decor, you can be sure that roller shades will not detract from it at all.

These shades can be installed in any room. For instance, you can use roller shades to treat your bedroom windows. Similarly, you can outfit your living room with either fabric or vinyl shades.

In fact, roller shades pair well with drapery. Other types of blinds can appear bulky behind a set of thin drapes. However, roller shades can be installed along the inner frames of your windows for better alignment with the window pane.

If you use drapes in addition to shades, you can better control how much sunlight you let in through each window. Drapes offer an extra layer of protection and privacy, but they can be opened slightly to let in just the right amount of light.

4. Cost Effective

Did you know that the average price per window treatment in 2020 is more than 500 dollars?

Adding window treatments throughout your home can be quite pricey when that average is multiplied by 10 or more windows. However, basic roller shades cost less than most blinds or shutters. Of course, if you want customized shades, you may spend more money, but the cost may still stay within a conservative range when compared to other window treatments.

Also, when you install roller shades, you’ll save money on heat and energy bills. These ongoing savings help to balance out the initial cost of purchase and installation.

5. Help to Block Out Sunlight

What’s your main motivation for considering new window treatments?

Is your goal to block out sunlight? If so, roller shades are more effective than other types of window treatments when blocking out both glare and heat.

Sunlight peeking in through your windows can be pleasant at times, but in the early mornings, it can be downright disturbing. In fact, a recent study shows that too much light in the bedroom may contribute to obesity and poor sleep cycles in adults.

If you want a full nights sleep, opt for block-out shades in your bedroom. You can even pair them with block-out drapes, depending on how much sunlight tends to stream into your room each morning.

6. Reduce Heat Throughout the Home

A day in Daytona Beach can be quite a scorcher. However, you don’t have to blast your central air to keep your home cool throughout the summer. Roller shades are a more efficient and cost-effective option for reducing heat throughout your home.

Dark vinyl shades are the most efficient window treatment in terms of keeping out the heat. Their solid construction and tough material work well together to keep your home cool. Meanwhile, fabric shades may absorb slightly more heat.

7. Can Be Motorized

Are you interested in roller shades that are as convenient as they are useful?

If so, you can always order motorized shades. Motorized roller shades can be operated with a switch or via remote control.

Though automatic shades may seem like a luxury comfort, they are as practical as they are convenient. Here are just a few hidden benefits of motorized shades over mechanical ones:

  • they are more accessible to people with physical disabilities
  • They can be installed in hard-to-reach windows
  • They can be opened and closed on a programmed schedule

Motorized roller blinds cost more than manual blinds or shutters, but the convenience and accessibility are worth their price.

Ready for the Many Benefits of Roller Shades?

How can you go wrong with purchasing roller shades? Constructed with a minimalist design paired with versatile functionality, this type of window treatment is meant for any home.

If you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of roller shades in your own Daytona Beach home, get your free estimate today. Additionally, you can browse our site to view our other services and shop the wide variety of window treatments we offer.



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