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Your Guide to Buying Motorized Vertical Blinds in Orange City, FL

Are you an Orange City resident that’s looking to add more features to your smart home? Do you want more ways to control the climate within your house? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about buying motorized vertical blinds.

Doing so can help you find more enjoyment in the blinds on your windows. The benefits of motorized blinds are plentiful, such as convenience, climate control, and automated opening/closing, just to name a few.

See below for an in-depth guide on why you should purchase motorized blinds for your house and what to look for when you shop around. 

What Are Motorized Vertical Blinds?

Homeowners love to incorporate natural light in their houses whenever they get the chance. It offers several benefits to humans, such as improving your productivity, boosting your vitamin D production, and establishing a firm body clock.

That said, natural light can also have some drawbacks if it isn’t held in check. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can creep into the house and cause the temperature inside to climb. This puts unnecessary stress on your air conditioning, thus spiking your energy bill each month as well.

All of this is caused by one thing: not closing the blinds. But closing the blinds isn’t much of a priority when you’re rushing out the door to get to work or trying to relax some couch time.  

That’s where motorized blinds can be of huge benefit. These awesome features allow you to control your blinds from wherever you are. Whether you’re driving to work or just unwilling to get up from the couch, you can open and close them with the push of a button.

Not only can you adjust them whenever you like, but they also have a programming feature so that you can schedule when they’re open, closed, or partially open. 

What to Look For in Motorized Vertical Blinds

Of course, investing in these incredible smart home features for your Orange City FL property would bring value, but how do you know you’ve found the right ones? Where do you turn to purchase motorized vertical blinds?

The secret is in the details. It’s important to search for the motorized blinds that offer you the highest return on your investment, not just searching for the lowest price. If you base your search on finding the cheapest set, that’s exactly what you’ll get: a cheap, poor-quality product.

Instead, look at the service that you’re purchasing them from. Here are a few questions you can ask to ensure a perfect fit:

  • Does the motorized blinds company offer custom options? 
  • Do they seem knowledgeable on the options and products they have?
  • Does the company offer a free installation of the motorized blinds you purchase? 
  • Are they willing to bring samples to your house to help you make a buying decision?
  • Do they offer a lifetime warranty on motorized blinds? (They need to!)

Here at Florida Blinds, we check all of the boxes above! We pride ourselves on offering the best service in Orange City FL for motorized shades. We’ll make sure that you have a pleasant experience from your initial call to the installation process and beyond!

The Benefits of Motorized Blinds

As you can tell, motorized blinds offer an incredible value for your home. Let’s dive into a bit more of the benefits you can look forward to with your investment.

Full Climate Control

Very few homeowners in Orange City FL can say they can control the Florida sun in their home. That becomes easier than ever when you invest in motorized blinds.

After analyzing what spots the sun hits in your house throughout the day, you can program your motorized blinds to accommodate for it by opening and closing at set times.

The result is a more comfortable interior when you walk in the door! You can get your fix of natural light without the harmful effects of overexposure to the sun. 

Beautiful Interior

Natural light has a bit of a catch 22 to it: it’s beautiful and can help you avoid turning on lights for most of the day, but too much of it can cause discoloration.

The ultraviolet rays in the sunlight will gradually cause the color to fade in your walls, floors, furnishings, electronics, etc. That’s why you need a method of moderation.

Motorized blinds give you all the control. As we mentioned above, you can set the times when the blinds need to close to protect your interior and keep it looking fresh!


Imagine being able to open or close your blinds from wherever you are. If you’re on the couch watching the game, you can close them. If you get to work and realize you forgot to close them, boom! You can close them within seconds.

The convenience of motorized blinds puts you back in control. You can close them during the day to protect your privacy, then open them just before you get home so you can walk into a house filled with sunlight.

How you use them is up to you! But no matter what usage you find for them, they will undeniably offer you comfort and convenience.

Invest in Motorized Verticle Blinds in Orange City FL Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on why you need to purchase motorized vertical blinds in Orange City, be sure to use this information wisely.

Take the time to read this article for even more information on the benefits that motorized window shades can offer your home.



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