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8 Reasons You Need to Buy Daytona Beach Motorized Shades

The global blinds and shades market is expected to reach $18 billion by 2031.

One of the fastest-growing segments is automated or motorized shades. These units can be operated remotely, making them one of the most convenient options on the market today.

Homes with motorized shades in Daytona Beach enjoy several benefits. It allows for convenient control, increases your home’s security and privacy, offers UV protection, decreases your energy bills, offers customizable style, provides complete home coverage, increases the value of your home, and allows for creative designs.

Motorized shades are a worthwhile investment that’s easy to install. Read on for 8 reasons you should purchase them and where to find them.

1. Safety, Security, and Privacy

Motorized shades allow you to control the view into your home, creating a blanket of privacy.

Connecting them to an app allows you to close them from a distance. You can also program them to open and close at random intervals. This deters criminals by making them think you’re at home. 

Motorized blinds increase the security outside of your home and keep your family safe inside. They eliminate the hazard of blind cords that children or pets could get tangled up in.

2. Control and Convenience

Motorized blinds are powered by batteries or electrical power. You can use either one, and both methods allow you to open and close them on command.

Silent engines create noise-free units, and most are guaranteed to run smoothly as long as you keep up with a proper motor maintenance schedule.

Motorized shades can be opened or closed from anywhere and with almost any device. You can use a keypad, remote, and/or mobile app. You can open or close them the whole way or choose a specific stopping point.

Installing motorized shades in Daytona Beach can also help you adapt to the consistent heat. You can close the blinds during the hottest times of the year from May 27-September 24 when daily high temperatures reach up to 85°F to keep heat out and open them during the cool season from December 5-March 2 where the average daily high is below 72°F. 

This control and convenience is a major reason why you’ll see so many homes with motorized shades in Daytona Beach. 

3. Energy Efficiency

Motorized shades reduce your energy bills in 2 major ways. They control the temperature of your home, reducing the burden on your air conditioner. They also increase insulation which further helps regulate temperature.

The blinds also reduce your electricity bill because you can keep them open and turn your lights off when there’s natural light out. 

4. Increased Home Value

Homes with motorized shades in Daytona beach tend to have greater value than those without them. Their beauty and current market popularity make them attractive to homeowners.

They can also increase your apparent square footage by letting more light in. Potential buyers will believe your home is larger than it is, making it seem more valuable.

5. Customizable Elegance and Style

Motorized shades are more aesthetically appealing than most other window treatments. This is primarily because they don’t have an unattractive cord sticking out from under them.

You can choose from a wide variety of styles, fabrics, shapes, and sizes when buying motorized shades. It’s easy to customize them to match each room in your home. They can also be fitted to your windows to ensure they don’t stick out or end up being too small to provide enough coverage.

Check out several motorized shade providers before making a purchase. Make sure that they have the product you’re looking for today and will be willing to help you find another if you change your mind.

Comparing motorized shade prices is also essential to make sure you get the look you want at a fair price. Get quotes from several providers to ensure you get the best deal.

6. Sun Protection

Daytona Beach’s consistently sunny weather is what attracts most homeowners and tourists to the area, but it also comes with a range of potential dangers. Excessive sun exposure increases your risk of:

  • Sunburns
  • Premature skin aging
  • Eye problems such as cataracts or pterygium
  • Weakening of the immune system

Motorized blinds provide the best defense because you can easily close them at the hottest times of the day. This reduces potential damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Motorized blinds also protect the items in your home, such as furniture, portraits, and other precious objects. They keep your most valuable treasures from fading or losing their color due to prolonged UV exposure.

7. Coverage

Certain areas of a home such as skylights, high windows, and vaulted ceilings are difficult to reach. They’re useful for design purposes, but opening and closing their blinds is a major hassle.

Motorized blinds are convenient even in these hard-to-reach areas. This allows for more complete coverage and better UV protection.

8. Creativity

Your options for motorized shades aren’t limited to windows. You can use the same hardware to automate drapes, create projection screens, section off areas of a room, and more.

You can even combine different motorized shade styles and control them both at the same time. For example, you could try mixing blackout shades with drapes for more sun protection.

Motorized shades are easy to install and switch out at any time. You can create a new look whenever the mood strikes.

Installing motorized shades may inspire your design creativity over time. Knowing how easy they are to use and customize makes it seem like less of an impossible task to use them as the centerpiece for a renovation.

How to Outfit a Home in Daytona Beach With Motorized Shades

Homes with motorized shades in Daytona Beach instantly become more valuable. Everything can be regulated with the touch of a button, including privacy, light, and temperature.

Installing and customizing these useful tools is simple and effective. They provide complete coverage throughout your home that matches the aesthetics of each room.

If you don’t have motorized shades yet, reach out to Florida Blinds and More to find the right one and get a free quote today.



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