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How To Pick The Best Window Treatments for Your Home

Window treatments dress up your windows and show off your style, but they do even more than that.

The right window covering helps you maximize energy use, enjoy privacy, or sleep better. Your choice can affect how easy it is to adjust the window coverings when you want to let in a little light or fresh air.

The best window treatments for your space account for the functionality you need for the space and the style of your home.

Ready to find the right fit? Check out these tips for choosing the right window treatments for your home.

Know the Options

Explore all of the window covering possibility before you start narrowing down your options. Each type looks a little different, offers different benefits, and opens differently.


Window blinds typically feature hard material, such as wood or plastic, and often use a slat structure. You can adjust the slats to let in a little or a lot of light, or you can pull the blinds up completely.

Cellular blinds have more of a fabric feel with individual cells that stack on top of each other. This eliminates the gaps you can get with slat-style blinds.


Shades are typically solid pieces of fabric that cover the window completely. This makes them ideal when you want privacy.

Roller shades feature one smooth piece of material that rolls around a header. You can pull it up and down to any height.

Roman shades use fabric sections that stack on top of one another when you pull up the shades. They have a more tailored look.


Curtains come in a range of fabrics, from sheers to heavy drapes. The weight and fabric type affects how much privacy and light-filtering you get from the curtains.

They typically hang from rods, so you can slide the to the side when you want to let in sunlight. Depending on how you mount the curtain rod, you may not be able to slide the curtains far enough to completely expose the window.


Interior shutters use slats within a wooden frame to cover windows. You can adjust the slats up and down, allowing some light in while maintaining privacy. You can also swing the shutters open completely if you want more sunlight.

Consider Functional Needs

What do you need from your window coverings? The functional needs vary from room to room.

In the bedroom and bathroom, you need something that allows for privacy and a comfortable sleeping environment. In common areas, you might want something that’s easy to open so you can let in fresh air and sunlight.


Some rooms call for extra privacy, which is something you need to consider with your window treatments. Bedrooms and bathrooms are the main spaces you want privacy, so you can dress and undress comfortably. You may also want privacy in your home office or other workspaces.

Common areas, such as living rooms and kitchens, don’t typically need as much privacy, although you may want the option to draw the window treatments to keep people nosey from looking in.

Solid window treatments, such as cellular blinds, offer the most privacy. Treatments with slats may allow people to glimpse inside your home.

Room Darkening

Another popular choice for bedrooms is room-darkening window treatments.

They have a special lining to block out most of the light. This creates a dark, cool space ideal for sleeping. Kids who go to bed early and shift workers who sleep during the day benefit from this type of window treatment.

Energy Savings

Different types of window coverings have different kinds of energy-saving effects. If you live somewhere with extreme temperatures, thermal options are the way to go. They keep the heat out – or in – depending on the season.

Energy-saving window treatments can help any room feel more comfortable without running your HVAC system as frequently. This saves you money on utility bills.

Ease of Opening

Do you like to open and close your window treatments frequently? Make things easy on yourself!

Many blinds and shades use cordless mechanisms that let you easily push and pull the window treatments open and closed. This offers the safest option if you have kids and pets because it eliminates the dangers of corded blinds.

Evaluate Aesthetics

Looks do matter when it comes to window treatments. You’re investing in something that’ll stay on your windows for years, so choose something that’s timeless and fits your home’s style.

Many window treatment types come in a range of styles, patterns, and colors. You can find traditional, casual, rustic, and modern blinds, for example. Choose the general type of window coverings you want first, then look for something that fits your home’s aesthetics.

Don’t be afraid of color! While most blinds come in neutral colors, a pop of color in your curtains will liven the whole room up. Need to tone things down? Stick to colors you’d find in nature, or try to match your coverings to the paint on your wall.

Look at Installation Methods

Most window treatments work with interior and exterior mounting options. That means you can attach the brackets inside or outside the window frame.

Interior mounting can often give you a better fit without any gaps. The window coverings fit inside the frame with no gaps. Exterior mounting may leave a little gap on the sides because the mounts stick out from the window.

How you mount affects the window treatment measurements for a proper fit. Getting the right size of window treatments is crucial to maximizing privacy and light blockage. It’s also important so the window treatments look right on your window.

The easiest way to ensure you get the right fit is by ordering your window treatments from a professional who takes measurements for you. As precise as you think you are, professionals do this for a living and since you don’t pay extra for the consultation – why do the work yourself?

Find the Best Window Treatments

Taking time to pick the best window treatments for your needs and style preferences makes your investment a solid one. Consider the package when narrowing down the options. Get a free quote now to compare the options we have available.



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