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How to Maintain Plantation Shutters on Doors in Your Lake Mary Home

Plantation shutters can serve as a beautiful addition to your Lake Mary home. However, it’s important to know about plantation shutter care.

Congratulations. You’re the proud owner of plantation door shutters.

With them, you most likely can’t help but feel like your home is comfy and stylish. However, you must give them care to maintain that feeling.

You probably put a lot of work into finding the right plantation shutters. Accordingly, you want to protect your investment. However, keeping your plantation shutters on doors clean doesn’t have to prove quite as challenging.

To learn how to maintain and clean shutters on doors in your Lake Mary home, keep reading.

Cleaning Plantation Shutters on Doors: Be Gentle

When you clean wooden door plantation shutters, use as little water as possible. It’s important to keep water off the finish.

Instead, use dry tools to do most of your plantation shutter cleaning. If these tools don’t do the job, then use water – very sparingly.

Water can cause your beautiful plantation door shutters to warp. It can also make them lose their natural beauty. When it comes to water and plantation door shutters, less is most certainly better.

Also, never use harsh chemicals to clean your plantation shutters. If you must use chemicals, use the mildest chemical cleaner you can find. Harsh cleaning chemicals will do more harm than good.

A dry brush or cloth is the best tool for removing dust and debris from your shutters. In general, you’ll want to opt for the simplest cleaning methods to maintain the beauty and luster of your shutters.

You can speed the job up by using your vacuum with the soft brush attachment. Give your plantation door shutters a once over with the brush.

This pre-cleaning will help you get rid of most of the dust. It will also help you get into the corners that you can’t reach with a cloth easily.

Let Your Tools Do the Work

Often, you’d use sweat equity and elbow grease to make things shiny and new. However, Gentleness is essential when cleaning plantation shutters.

Your vacuum is the key to removing most of the dust from your shutters quickly. Also, using a vacuum will set you up for the detailed work needed to make your shutters look sparkling clean.

Once you’ve vacuumed your shutters, you can start at the top and wipe the slats down with a dry cloth. This task should help you to remove the majority of the remaining dust and debris.

However, make sure that you pay special attention to the spaces between the shutters. The dust tends to hide in these areas.

By now, you’ve done the heavy lifting. Now, you want to give the slats a moist wipe down.

Remember, less is more when it comes to water and plantation shutters. Also, avoid chemical cleaners completely if possible. You should only use chemicals for grease or other stains, and then only sparingly.

Chemical cleaners also contain water. As a result, they can also cause warping and damage to the finish of your shutters.

You’re Almost Done!

Now that your plantation door shutters are completely clean, you’ll need to make sure that they’re dry. You cannot leave a drop of moisture on them.

If you do, the moisture will cause spotting and water damage. It’s also important to make sure your shutters are completely dry to prevent moisture from making dust stains.

If it’s a sunny day, you can leave your shutters open to allow them to dry. Hopefully, there’s also a nice breeze. Together, the sun and the breeze will dry your plantation shutters as needed.

However, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate as desired. If there’s no sun or breeze, you can help your plantation shutter drying along with a fan.

Now, you can rest easy knowing that your beautiful plantation door shutters will last longer. All they needed was a little attention and care.

As you can see, keeping your plantation door shutters in pristine condition isn’t difficult. Plantation shutter maintenance is simply a matter of using the right tools to remove all dust and debris thoroughly.

What is important, however, is consistency – it’s important to clean your plantation door shutters regularly.

Give Your Plantation Shutters a Little Extra TLC

Right before you clean your shutters is a good time to perform some maintenance. Accordingly, you may want to give the hinges a light oiling.

With gentle maintenance, your plantation door shutter hinges should last the lifespan of the shutters. All you need to do is give them some care twice a year.

You’d service the shutter hinges the same as you would any door hinge. Lubricate them two times a year with light oil.

However, it’s important not to get oil on the finish of your shutters. Accordingly, you’ll want to keep a dry rag in hand to catch any oil runoff.

The Best Door Plantation Shutters in Lake Mary

Now you know more about caring for plantation shutters on doors. If you’re in the market for window or door treatments, it makes sense to find the best supplier around.

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