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How to Choose the Best Venetian Blinds: A Buying Guide

Venetian blinds were introduced to designers and homeowners more than two and a half centuries ago. While there are many variations of these blinds, their core design and function have remained the same.

Venetian blinds’ signature slats hang by thin yet durable cords. A pull-cord raises and lowers the blinds, and an adjustable wand tilts the slats. There’s also a cord lock mechanism that fixes the blinds in place.

Today, there are countless colors and styles to complement any space. Discover the perfect Venetian blinds for your project in this creative buying guide.

Choosing Venetian Blinds for Your Florida Home

Your home’s unique style is a great place to start.

There’s plenty of timeless home architecture in Florida, like Mediterranean-style, mid-century modern, farmhouses, coastal, Spanish, ranch-style, and even colorful Victorians. Venetian blinds complement all these styles and more.

For example, suppose you have a Mediterranean-revival home in Daytona Beach. Which Venetian blinds would work best for your home’s style?

Mediterranean-style homes with sandy interiors and exteriors work wonderfully with aquatic-inspired Venetian blinds. Navy blue, turquoise, and light blue contrast well with warm hues.

You could also go in the opposite direction and pair your sandy Mediterranean shades with dark, chocolate brown blinds. Brown window treatments also pair nicely with eggshell interiors. Dark forest green blinds are another option for Mediterranean styles with eggshell and brown tones.

Faux wood Venetian blinds are a nice alternative to plastic and aluminum blinds too. Plus, they work with several styles, including Mediterranean, Spanish, and ranch-style homes. These blinds mimic the look of real wood but without the high maintenance. 

Find the Perfect Color

One of the best ways to match window treatments to your home is to use a color wheel. This tool reveals complementary and analogous colors on the color spectrum. A blinds specialist will also suggest colors during a free consultation. 

Take photos of your home’s interior and exteriors, including flooring, wall decor, house plants, and more. Blinds should complement the full breadth of your interior design.

Next, identify your home’s color palette on the color wheel and note analogous, monochromatic, and complementary color schemes. Color wheels also have hex codes, so you can find the exact color you need online.

If you have a particular shade in mind, show your color samples to a specialist who can suggest the perfect blinds for your space.

Measuring Your Windows

Next, find the ideal size for your blinds.

Fortunately, Venetian blinds work with nearly every window type, including arch windows.

Before you measure your windows’ dimensions, check if your window is recessed into the wall. Some windows don’t have any recesses.

If you have recesses, decide if you want your blinds to hang within or outside of them. This choice changes your blinds’ measurements.

A window’s recess is the distance between its pane and the recessed wall. If you want your blinds to rest inside the recess, you’ll have to measure the bottom of that recess too. Some windows have much larger recesses than others.

When measuring, round down; otherwise, your blinds may be too large for the recessed area. This is where an in-home consultation comes in handy. A specialist can describe the exact measurements you need and why you need them.

You also have to think about slat size.

Big windows look best with larger slats, while small and medium-sized windows work better with 2-inch slats. You can buy small slat blinds for large windows; however, they may damage more easily and create an uneven look. 

Choosing Your Blinds Materials

Venetian blinds are made from different materials, including plastic, vinyl, and aluminum metal. Natural and faux wood blinds come in a traditional Venetian style, as well.

Why aluminum? This metal doesn’t rust as easily as other metals. Plus, it’s one of the most popular window treatments for single-family homes.

Aluminum styles are quite common in houses and offices, but plastic Venetian blinds are durable and weatherproof too. You’ll also find a wide range of colors, creating more interior design possibilities.

Venetian wood blinds work with many interiors. Plus, they create a cozy, warm feeling that’s common to wooden accents. These blinds can easily hang in your Spanish villa, coastal retreat, or cabin getaway.

Do you want a rustic look without buying real wooden blinds?

Faux wood creates a similar cozy vibe. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sun or water damage. They’re easier to clean than natural wood; simply wipe off the dust, and you’re good to go!

What about cord material?

You’ll notice Venetian blinds’ slats are held together by cords or thick fabric tape. Thick, large Venetian slats are typically made with fabric tape, while smaller 2-inch slats are suspended by cords. 

Selecting Venetian Blinds by Function

Style matters immensely, but so does the purpose behind your blinds.

For example, when browsing for blinds, you’ll notice some styles block more sunlight than others.

Venetian blinds with wider slats and fabric tape create less space for sun rays to peek through. These styles are great for bedrooms and spaces you want to darken, like lounge areas.

Thin, light-colored blinds may not darken spaces as much as thick slats or dark shades. However, they still offer plenty of privacy and create an airy and cheery vibe, perfect for coastal properties, sunrooms, kitchens, and more.

Venetian blinds are ideal for kitchens because they don’t absorb cooking smells, unlike cloth drapes. Bathrooms work best with white blinds since they allow enough natural light without sacrificing privacy. Like bathrooms, light, airy blinds are perfect for home offices since natural light boosts focus and productivity.

Transform Your Home With New Blinds

Venetian blinds are stylish, functional, and affordable. Remember these tips as you select blinds that improve your home’s look, feel, and privacy. Check out the blog for more ideas, or call us right now to talk to an expert!

Are you ready to install brand new window treatments now?

Book your in-home consultation, get a free quote, and discover the design possibilities of Venetian blinds.



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