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Guide to Window Plantation Shutters for Your Palm Coast Home

Homeowners in Palm Coast are always looking for a great way to make their homes more stylish. One of the most popular ways to bring out the best in a home is to choose the right window treatments. Curtains and vinyl mini blinds have always been popular choices for windows. Lately, the appeal for these coverings has shifted to preferences of a more stylish look. Although window treatments have changed quite a bit over the years, window plantation shutters have remained a favorite.

The classic look plantation shutters offer adds style, value, special insulation capabilities, and comfort to any home. If you’re interested in window treatments with plantation shutters, read on below to learn more about these types of shutters.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

If you’re a homeowner, before you jump into installing plantation shutters in your home, it’s best to know a bit more about them.

Made from wood, these slatted blinds rest inside their own special frame. These slats open completely to allow full sun into the room. If you choose, plantation blinds can also close or be set to a preferred position to control how much sunlight enters your home. 

These shutters became popular in the southern states. The mansions that oversaw plantations often used these types of coverings on their windows. This is where the appeal of plantation shutters grew, and those without these types of window treatments became slightly envious of their beauty and sophistication.

Where Can I Use Window Plantation Shutters?

In Palm Coast, you’ll find homeowners using plantation shutters for almost every type of window. These blinds can install easily on windows of all sizes, making them a favorite for use throughout the entire home.

To make a room look great, using plantation shutters for large windows is a great look. This helps filter the light while still offering a classic look that can make your room look amazing. 

Many homes in Florida feature half windows. Although aesthetically pleasing, these windows often provide issues when it comes to coverings. Luckily, plantation shutters on a half window look great and offer a convenient covering in these situations.

Using plantation shutters for double windows is a smart move for anyone decorating their home. This look is quite pleasing to the eye and moves you away from the need for curtains or traditional blinds.

Lots of homes in Florida have bay windows. These types of windows protrude from the home and offer a classic look to a home. Plantation shutters on bay windows are a popular option for anyone who wants to keep these windows looking classy and inviting.

The Types of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are versatile enough to use on most windows. Knowing the different types of shutters available can make your choice easier.

In most situations, you’ll find four basic types of plantation shutters. These types are determined from the materials used to create the shutter, determining the amount of money you’ll be spending.

If you’re looking for window plantation shutters for rooms such as your kitchen or bathroom, then waterproof polyvinyl shutters are your best option. The durability of this type of plantation shutter protects your investment when used in rooms with high traffic or near splash areas.

Basswood is also used in making plantation shutters. This is often considered the more affordable option when choosing plantation shutters for window treatments. Basswood can easily be used on most standard windows and painted to offer the perfect look for the home.

Elmwood is another material often used when making these types of shutters. The look and feel of the grain are quite popular for homeowners. The elegance offered by this particular type of wood can be accentuated with stains or paints to enhance its appearance.

If you have larger windows, using poplar wood is your best option. This type of material offers plantation shutters durability but is also a lightweight option. This makes them a better option for the larger windows throughout the home.

Full-height, tier-on-tier, cafe-style, and solid plantation shutters can all be crafted using these types of materials. The choice is yours as to which is best suited for your situation.

The Benefits of Plantation Shutters in the Home

Homeowners often choose plantation shutters to bring a stylish look and feel to their homes. These types of window coverings offer more benefits than most of us realize.

The insulating qualities of plantation blinds are ideal for homes on Palm Coast. During the heat of summer, these blinds block out heat in hopes of keeping homes cooler. The same can be said for heat retention in the colder months of the year.

Privacy is another benefit plantation blinds bring to a home. Unlike curtains, they can open or close according to the homeowner’s presence. Luckily, when partially opened, these window coverings still offer a sense of privacy, unlike more traditional options.

Many people who use these types of blinds in the home experience better sleep thanks to these treatments’ noise reduction and light filtering capabilities. If you need a good night’s sleep, plantation blinds may be your answer.

Are Plantation Shutters Right for Your Home?

Window plantation shutters offer a beautiful look to the home. The question is, are they the right window treatments for your home? Considering their versatility, beauty, and benefits, that answer is most likely yes.

If you are interested in learning more about plantation blinds, or other window treatments we offer, contact us to learn more about our products. We proudly serve the people of Palm Coast and Central Florida with their window covering needs.



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