Blinds In Daytona Beach

Blinds In Daytona Beach FL. And Why You Need Them

Blinds In Daytona Beach FL. And Why You Need Them

Nothing is more tranquil and picturesque than a house at a beach, with the views that everyone wants to preserve. It is a mindset of peacefulness, and decorating a coastal home is all about emulating nature’s own color palette while protecting your home and décor investment suitable for high humidity areas. And if you live near Daytona Beach, blinds are the best window treatment for your home. Daytona Beach has a humid climate with two seasons, including the warmer, wetter season, and the cooler and drier season.


That is why it is essential to choose the right window treatments for your beach house or coastal home. Window blinds fit in with just about any décor and provide a clean, consistent look throughout the home. However, not all blinds are designed the same, and some are better suited to the beach house environment than others due to many reasons.


Coastal homes are prone to more moist environments and thus require more from their window treatments. Furthermore, these beach areas also demand a range of stylized window coverings to help match the exclusive coastal décor. The best blinds coastal homes will be able to stand the harsh conditions while still protecting your stunning ocean views. Faux woods are a great choice that will help with the damper, coastal conditions. Other materials like aluminum, PVC, and vinyl are also tough enough to stand up to the elements.


Window treatments at your coastal home must be able to provide:

  • Reliable shades that resist wet climates
  • Openness opportunities to preserve your view
  • Strong materials that will stand the test of time
  • Block cruel incoming rays of the sun to protect your interior
  • Tranquil designs to match your décor

Let’s see why blinds are best for Daytona Beach homes:



Daytona Beach Fl homes with the views are the stars because it is part of the charm of the beach home with the relaxing atmosphere and the beautiful scenery. So, do you love a view that you just can’t allow to put window treatments over? Fortunately, blinds are a simple window treatment solution that provides you the privacy and light control you desire without sacrificing that beautiful beach view you live. They are great for light control, help maintains your view of the beach, and block harmful UV rays.



Durability should be the first thing that you look for when considering window treatments for your beach home, as it is incredibly important. Two biggest issues with homes near the ocean are humidity and salt air, and both hurt most items, including metal and wooden objects, which limits the window treatment choices.


Blinds walk the fine line of providing you lots of control over the lighting of the home while still offering a natural fit in with a minimal beach home style. Vinyl blinds are specifically incredibly durable, great for withstanding humid or wet atmospheres, and also perfect when privacy is important.



Lastly, your new window treatments must look the part and enhance your beach decor. However, the line between creative beach decor and messy beach decor can be tough, but blinds offer a soothing, spa-like feel with neutrals and keep it simple and elegant.


Low-Maintenance is Always a Plus

Low-maintenance decorative elements are massively important for people nowadays. Ever had the frustration of getting the dust and stains out of curtains or straighten out a tangled net of Venetian strings and cables?


Well, other than the looks and climate value, blinds are easy to keep up, unlike curtains that you must regularly clean because blinds can be dusted and wiped clean, making your life easy. All you need is a soft cloth to keep them clean and maintain a great look.


Another low-maintenance point is that they are easy to install and do not take up much space. With curtains, the material usually takes up space, whether are drawn or rolled up at the sides of the window. Window blinds, on the other hand, are usually very compact concerning the design of the window blinds you have chosen.


Great for Winter and Summer

Window blinds are great for delivering insulation for both cold and warm weather, making them an incredibly practical option for use in every season at coastal homes. In the winter, they provide an added layer of insulation, and during the summer, you can adjust the blinds to deflect the sunlight.



The amount of control people have over blinds is a significant benefit of window blinds, which is always a plus whether you own a coastal home on not. These blinds allow you to control the quantity of light and privacy you need with real easy action. For example, you can adjust vertical blinds and move the slats for minimal light to pass through as well as providing the home privacy. You can choose horizontal blinds or vertical as per your liking, and the sleek window treatments won’t stop your eye from enjoying scenic beach view and wouldn’t give a feeling that you’re on display.


Selecting the Best Window Blinds for Your Coastal Home

The wish to protect your view, combined with the necessity for natural light and fresh air make, finding the right window treatments is incredibly important. Natural wood is always desired as it looks rich and stylish with warm and attractive natural colors. However, wooden window treatments don’t fare well in a coastal home, making faux wood blinds the best option for a beach home. The salty, humid sea air can damage metal and wood items in your home, with mold, rust, and erosion.


To avoid this, it is best to select window blinds that are durable and humidity-resistant. Here are a few suggestions.


  • Plaswood Blinds offer a mix of wood and PVC, which is a more durable and moisture resistant composite than wood. They give a feel of real wood but last significantly longer than the real wooden blinds would.


  • You can also choose from an array of fabric blinds like vertical blinds that have slats of fabric, or Roman Blinds with a classic, subtle style. Honeycomb blinds also come in diverse opaqueness options and are great at temperature regulation in a home for cold seaside evenings or hot summer days.


  • Panel blinds have long, wide planks that move on a rail, and come fully blocked out to keep the rays at bay, but you can still open them to allow the light and enjoy the view.


  • Bamboo blinds are also a popular choice for coastal homes and deliver all the natural richness of wood with all the advantages of being environmentally friendly and durable. They can stand up to the elements and still come out looking great. Bamboo roller and Venetian blinds are favorites as they look stunning in beach houses, with warm colors and wood grain.


Blinds are widely used for coastal areas because they provide aesthetic appeal and suit the weather condition while also offering privacy. They add style to homes with a great deal of choice from the design to the material. So, get your window blinds today and boost your home appeal. Contact us today for a free estimate.



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