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7 Signs You Need New Blinds for Your Home

Brighten up or darken your room. Go traditional or more modern. Either way, installing new blinds can change the entire vibe.

If you’re updating your home, you can’t forget replacement ones. Otherwise, your existing ones might not blend with the new decor.

Installing new window treatments typically costs between $115 and $1,030, depending on the type. Not sure if you need to spend money on new ones?

Keep reading to discover the seven signs you need a new set for your home. After reading this guide, you might discover that it’s long past time!

1. Warped or Bent Slats

Regardless of what material they’re made up, they eventually warm and bend.

For example, the ones that are made of aluminum bend out of shape from pressure. Ones that are made of wood, however, can swell due to water damage or humidity. Even faux wood ends up damaged from too much sun exposure.

Take a look at yours. Are they looking warped or bent out of shape?

If so, it’s time for new ones! Otherwise, your home will lack the coverage and UV protection you’re looking for. Warped or bent ones often don’t raise correctly, either.

If anything else, warped or bent shades look unseemingly and can distract from the room’s overall decor.

While you could replace a slat or two, it’s likely only a matter of time before the entire set needs replacing.

For families living in desert climates, you might want to consider UV blocking solar shades or fabric window treatments. Kids and animals can also damage aluminum blinds, leaving them bent. If you have kids, consider getting a more durable option for your replacement blinds.

2. They’re Difficult to Raise

You might notice that it takes a lot of force and effort to raise yours. This often occurs due to one of two reasons:

  • The lifting mechanisms are damaged or about to break
  • They were made too wide, leaving the cords and mechanisms unable to support the load

If yours are difficult to raise, it could indicate potential danger in the future. For example, they might fall out of the window if you apply too much force to raise them.

Instead of leaving your family at risk of an accident, consider purchasing replacement blinds.

You’ll want to look for new blinds that provide stability. Consider ordering two separate blinds to cover the width of larger windows or a 2-on-1 headrail option.

3. Frayed Cords

Next, take a look at your cords. Are they started to look frayed? Worn out cords are a sure sign that it’s time for new blinds.

Frayed cords indicate your blinds are so old that time, wear, and tear have aged them. The internal mechanism might also cause damage to the cord. This could indicate that your blinds are unstable and in danger of falling.

Either way, it’s time for a new set of replacement blinds.

4. Yellowing or Discoloration

Over time, UV rays can cause your blinds to discolor or yellow. While this is normal, newer products now user materials that offer UV protection.

If your blinds are looking yellowed or discolored, the material has deteriorated. That means it’s time or a new set. Instead of replacing your blinds, consider trying something new.

For example, you can look for UV inhibitors. There are also fabric window treatments that won’t fade from UV rays as quickly.

Discoloration indicates your blind slats are losing their structural integrity. If the color has started to fade, it’s time for new blinds.

5. Frayed Edges

You might also notice your shades are frayed around the edges. This often occurs with:

  • Roller shades
  • Solar shades
  • Roman shades
  • Cellular shades

Frayed edges mean your shades are too wide for the window opening. Each time you open or close your blinds, they scrape along the inside of the frame. This will cause structural damage over time.

Instead of leaving your blinds as is, consider this a sign that it’s time for new ones!

Make sure to measure your window covers correctly. Then, you can replace your frayed shades with ones that fit perfectly within your windows!

6. They Won’t Close

Do your blind slats close as tightly as they used to, or are you seeing large gaps in between? You might also notice that twisting your tilt wand repeatedly doesn’t work; the slats barely move. Both indicate your tilt mechanism is worn out.

This piece is often difficult to replace. Instead of worrying about re-cording your entire set of blinds, consider getting new ones.

New blinds will ensure your blinds close correctly. This is important to ensure your family’s safety. Otherwise, someone might peek inside!

7. They’re Out of Style

People typically spend between $100 and $200 an hour on a home decorator. Instead of wasting money to have someone tell you your blinds are out-of-date, take a look yourself. Do they clash with the room’s decor?

You might even have the same blinds from when your home was originally built. If it’s been over seven or eight years, it’s time to upgrade your blinds with new ones.

Venetian blinds and psychedelic roller shades are out of style. Instead of leaving older window treatments throughout your home, consider an upgrade! Older treatments are often worn out, which could present a danger.

You should also consider getting new ones if you recently purchased new windows.

Energy-efficient windows are a great upgrade to any household. However, you don’t want to ruin the beauty of your new windows with old, out-dated blinds. Instead, consider upgrading yours at the same time.

Replacement blinds can help you match your new windows with a contemporary style. For example, you can choose to add beautiful fabric roman shades to complete your new windows.

By upgrading your blinds, you’re also updating your home!

In With the New: Signs You Need New Blinds

Out with the old and in with the new! Not that you know the seven signs that indicate it’s time for new blinds, take a look. Update your blinds today and give your home decor an upgrade.

Want us to take a look for you? Schedule your free in-home consultation today!



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